29 June 2015

More Fiber Lashes: Illegal Length by Maybelline

Today I come with another fiber lash mascara, but this time in one step.

I received a random gift goodie bag in the mail, and this Illegal Length Fiber Extensions mascara by Maybelline was one of the things that was included.

I'd never tried a one step fiber lash so I had to experiment with it, just like I did with the Mia Adora fiber lash I wrote about last week.

27 June 2015

Head to Toe Lip Essentials from Beauteque

One of the things I had stick with me growing up in a moderately poor household is a love for coupons and a great bargain. 

If it's one thing that you will find at Beauteque, it's a bargain. 

I've shopped with them once before and gotten a great bargain on some face and hand creams and masks, so when I went back and saw a lip essentials bundle, I had to get it. 

26 June 2015

Sunburn Solutions From Wishtrend + Sun Safety

Summer is officially here! (At least according to a calender, it's been summer in Florida since....I don't recall having a winter!) For the next few months it will be hot days filled with outdoor activities like going to the beach or the zoo and family gatherings.

One of the biggest worries I have about summer is sunburn and sun damage. I am very fair, and twenty minutes in the sun will leave me looking like Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Square Pants. 

Wishtrend to the rescue!

Always on top of each season, Wistrend has released a Sol-Kit, which is a sunburn/after sun care kit. This is perfect for all skin types and will help to care for your poor sunburned skin with ingredients like aloe and vitamin e. 

In this kit you'll get four full sized products to pamper your skin and bring back moisture, as well as soothe. 

Love Wins!

Today is a monumental day. Love won, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor for marriage equality!

This is monumental for such a judgmental nation that I live in. 

While we may be known for being the land of freedom, we are the 21st country to legalize same sex marriage. 

As a member of the LGBT community, I am at a loss for words. If I could throw happiness everywhere, I would. 

Today is a day to celebrate love and equality!

23 June 2015

More Dry Skin Saviors: Rosehip Oil

Summer doesn't always scream dry skin to most people, especially with how humid it is. I live in what is considered a subtropical to tropical climate and it can get so humid here that you sweat your makeup off before you even leave the house. 

Even still I get dehydrated very easily, and so does my skin. My elbows and knees are the worst year round. 

Oils have been a complete savior to me. My sister from another mister introduced me to oils since she's got super dry skin. 

One of my recent favorites has become rosehip seed oil, mainly because it makes my hair look amazing when I use it with the argan oil I favor so much. 

Like most of the oils I use, this also comes in a dark glass bottle to preserve the oil. It's very solid glass, which is a good thing with my clumsy self. I've dropped it on my concrete floor and it simply bounced. 

It also has a very handy glass dropper so you can get the exact amount of oil that you desire. 

The oil looks very watery, but once you get it in your hands and move it around it almost feels creamy to me. Once you start to distribute it wherever you desire the color fades away and leaves you with a very soft, almost earthy smell. 

My boyfriend says it smells like olive oil, but when I smell it I think of days spent playing in the garden and the smell of plants and soil. It's quite calming. 

This is my ponytail after I applied some of the oil. The ends are going to look dead until I cut them off, but the rest has a brilliant shine. It keeps my divorced ends in check and makes my hair glimmer, thanks to the bleached out red tone it is now. 

I always apply it only at the ends, never at the scalp since I have oily hair to begin with. 

This is a true powerhouse oil when it comes to skincare because all of the different things you can use it for. 

It can correct sun damage, can help with skin issues like eczema, reduces the look of scars, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and can actually help to even your skin tone. 

Here are a few of my favorite tips for using this oil: 

- Use it after you bathe so it absorbs into dry skin quicker
- Apply to only the ends of hair so it doesn't make your hair look greasy
- To use it as a facial moisturizer, use it after your usual skincare routine instead of creams
- Use as a makeup remover. It removes makeup like a champ and leaves your skin moisturized. 
- Kick dry feet to the curb - put it on your feet and slip on some socks before sleeping

To get your hands on this oil, head over to Amazon.com

Disclosure: I received this for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

False Lash Look Without Falsies

I don't know about you, but I can't put on false lashes for anything. They end up wonky and I feel like poor Gia Gunn. 

True story. 

Thank goodness for Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes!

21 June 2015

More Weird Facts About Me

Since it's moderately early on a Sunday morning, my boyfriend is at work, and the kids are elsewhere, I figure I may as well share some more strange and weird facts about myself! Since I blog, I like the people who read this to know more about who I am, about this weirdo who's writing about makeup and whatever else comes to mind. 

Ok, let's get started. 

20 June 2015

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey, dolls!

The other day I got my Head To Toe Lip Essentials bag from Beauteque, and had to play with it. I've been feeling really yucky so I haven't really been wearing my makeup much but I wanted to feel pretty. Just to see how it looks, I taped it!

I'm still rather inexperienced at making videos, but here it is!

Here are the products I used: 

Mia Adora 3D Lash Fiber Lashes

This is something that I would do if I was going to class, or just going out and about in town. If you click on the items, it will take you to where you can purchase it!

No link to the mascara yet, I'm going to do a full tutorial on how to use the fiber lashes in the next few days. 

If you live here in the US, I cannot recommend Beauteque enough. They are very quick. When I ordered my lip essentials, I got it within three or four days! They are based out of New Jersey, so if you're close you'll get your products ASAP. 

They are currently doing a killer giveaway that is open internationally!

Look at all of the goodies! Click the image to be taken to the giveaway so you can enter ^^

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend, and we'll talk again soon!

19 June 2015

Let Argan Oil Transform Your Hair

It's no secret that I love oils. 

I have a pretty huge collection of them, and use them for all sorts of different things. 

I was raised in my aunt's health food store, and learned the power of essential oils very early as a child. They have the power to transform your skin and hair, relax you if added to a burner or to your bath, to energize, the possibilities are endless. 

One of my favorite oils, other than lavender, is argon oil. 

Right now, argon oil seems to be the hot thing in hair care here in the US. You can find it in everything from shampoos and conditioners to hair oils and serums. 

But why spend all of your money on those things when you can get the goodness straight from the source? 

Lately I've been using ISA Professional EVAO (extra virgin argon oil) and it has been a godsend in addition to the other oils in my current hair regimen. Not going to lie, my ends are so split that they are divorced. 

This oil helps keep those split ends in check. 

This is a cold pressed oil made from argan trees in Morocco.

The bottle is a dark glass to preserve the purity of this oil. It also has a handy dropper so you can get the precise amount oil that you need, and trust me, you don't need much at all. 

It's naturally packed with Vitamin E, a vitamin essential to skin and hair health.


 As you can see, the oil has a great texture, it's thick and doesn't run easily. Don't worry about the color, that disappears as you distribute it through your hair, over your skin, or even on your nails. Wherever you have dryness, or need that little bit of extra moisture, this oil is there to take care of business. 

It absorbs quickly and leaves soft hair and skin in it's wake. 

One of my favorite things about this product is that it's fair trade. Purchase of this oil helps the Berber women who make the product, to help improve their lives. 

To get an idea of what fair trade is, watch the video below:

When you purchase this product you can rest safe that you are not only doing something beautiful for yourself, but you are also doing something good for those that help produce the product. 

To purchase this product, go to the ISA Professional website. 

Do you use oils in your beauty routine? Which oils do you use? 

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

17 June 2015

Album of the Night

Rather than do just a song tonight, I'm sharing a Madonna album that was on permanent rotation when I was a teenager. This was pretty much the soundtrack of my teenage years. Love Madonna so much. 

Enjoy the tunes! I'm currently jamming to the album right now!

Coffee Lover's Dream in Soap Club Coffee Soap

I am a huge coffee lover. I don't just drink it, I like coffee scented candles, coffee scrubs or anything else that smells like coffee.

Soap Club has the perfect soap for those who adore the smell of coffee.

Soap Club has over seventy different scents to choose from, so choosing this was a bit hard.

Of course I had to go with the coffee scent, which was really hard with scents like Mango Papaya, Almond Cherry, and Sea Breeze (I'm a sucker for Sea Breeze anything, too). 

All of their soaps are handmade. How often do you get hand made soap at a decent price anymore? 

These soaps are completely natural. There are no harsh chemicals, no preservatives, none of the junk that you will get with standard store bought soap. 

The bars are also quite large, so you will have this soap for a while. I've used it both with a wash rag and by itself, and either way it offers a fantastic lather with a scent that is strong but not overwhelming. What I really liked is that the scent doesn't linger, mainly because I'm a total perfume whore and don't like to have conflicting smells. 

This soap even has coffee bits in it for exfoliation!

Another perk is how pretty these soaps are. 

Look at this. 

Is that not the cutest damn soap you've ever seen? 

You can find the coffee scent I chose, and much more, on Amazon for $14.95. 

Take some time to browse through the different kinds of soap they have. I'm almost positive that you'll find one that is perfect for you!

Disclosure: I received this product at a heavily discounted rate for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

16 June 2015

Summer Essential: Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install

The temperatures are getting higher and I'm ready to open all of my doors and windows. Of course, here in Florida, there is an abundance of bugs and frogs so if you don't have screens on all of your windows, or a screen door, you'll be living in a pest paradise. I have all of the screens in the windows, but I was missing a screen door.

This is my ugly back door. As you can see, I have hinges where I used to have a real screen door, but it was taken off by a storm.

I wanted a way that I could leave that back door open without inviting every pest in sight into the house. 

Putting it up is SOOO easy. I have been asking my boyfriend to put it up for me because I didn't realize exactly how easy it was. I finally got irritated and did it myself. 

All you have to do is measure your door so you can mark the middle, which is where you start putting this up at. 

This is the product laid out, as per directions, so I could put on all of the velcro pieces. Yes, this is held on my velcro, so you can easily take it down if you need to!

Once you have those pieces on, it's really just a matter of pressing the velcro pieces onto the door once you have the white backing removed. 

The middle part I marked is where the middle of the mesh went. From there you work down the sides and press everything onto your door frame. 

Here is my boyfriend helping with the last little bit, with an appearance by Jake the Dog!

I couldn't get up high enough so there is a little gap, but we are going to go back and actually staple the velcro into the wood for more longevity. I didn't even think of that, my boyfriend did. 

They do include some push pins to secure it more, but we are going with the staple gun method. 

The big strip down the middle is a row of magnets, which keeps the mesh closed. It's super easy to go in and out, even hands free. Once you're through, it closes all by itself! Super nice feature. 

The Mega Mesh has been a life saver keeping all of the creepy crawlies out and letting the good air in. I wish I would have gotten one of these years ago!

To purchase your own Magic Mesh for a quick and easy way to cool your home, go to megamesh.co.

Disclosure: I received this for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

13 June 2015

Weird Facts About Me

It's moderately early on a Saturday morning, I'm sitting here with my coffee listening to Sherman (one of our male pits) whine like mad because we have three females in heat right now. It's reduced him from a handsome badass looking boy to a whiny little bitch.

I didn't know what I wanted to post today, so I thought "why not weird shit about me"?

So you're getting weird facts about teh Vonnie.

11 June 2015

Game Day With Style

I am a huge baseball fanatic. Even though I'm in Florida, the Boston Red Sox are my team.

Baseball season in my house is always fun. I'm a Red Sox girl, my boyfriend is all about the Yankees - we're a house divided. It extends beyond just baseball! I'm Patriots, he's Saints. I'm Manchester United, he's Barcelona. I'm a Dale Jr. fan, he's Tony Stuart. The only place where we agree is college football, where we both support the University of Miami.

Even so, baseball is where our true rivalry is. He won't even drink out of my Sox cups!

When the Red Sox and Yankees went to the world series a few years back, we didn't speak for two weeks afterward. Mainly because I woke him up at like two in the morning after Boston won a game that he thought that NY had in the bag. I also screamed obnoxiously in his face "we won, bitches!". The Yankees ended up taking the series that year, so he rubbed that in my face.  

What is the first thing one thinks of when they think team spirit?

The baseball hat.

Fanatics.com has an entire selection of MLB hats and gear to suit any fan. Whatever your team, they have it. 

I chose this hat to base my look after: 

Click me to visit Fanatics.com!

I chose this hat because it closely matches my boyfriend's Yankees hat of a similar look. This is from '47 Brand's Cooperstown Collection. It's a fitted hat that sells for $29.95, which is a great price! 

I prefer fitted hats because of how they look when you wear them backwards, which is what I typically do. Adjustables tend to leave a funny mark on your forehead, and give crazy bad tan lines if you wear them in the sun for extended periods of time. 

The outfit I created around this hat is definitely on the girly side. If you're going to spend a day at the game, a girl still has to look good while supporting her team!

Game Day


$69 - harveynichols.com



This shirt totally fits my attitude. I don't get cute about my team - I get drop dead gorgeous. I would modify this shirt, though, to fall off of the shoulder ala Flashdance, and throw on a white or red tank underneath for accent. This is perfect for those late summer afternoons when it starts to get cooler as the sun goes down, especially if you're there in Fenway.

I love a good high waisted short, especially with tops that are going to be a bit slouchy. I went with these because of the nautical feel, and Boston's history of being a sea port.

A girl has to have comfortable shoes for game day, and Converse is one of the most comfortable shoes one is going to find. They are a classic!

To top off my game day look rather than going for a classic name plate necklace, something I've wanted ever since I first saw Sex and the City and the "Carrie" necklace, I would rather show some team spirit with a Red Sox necklace instead. 

It's going to be bright, so sunglasses are a must. Rather than going simple, I decided to go a little funky and wear my heart(s) on my eyes!

In addition to hats, Fanatics.com has a whole range of MLB gear for every taste! 

I made a mini wishlist of some of my favorite items from the Red Sox section of the site. I couldn't help myself!

Click me to purchase!

I absolutely love the vintage look of this shirt. I'm a big fan of the more vintage style t-shirts. They are generally printed on a thinner fabric to mimic that well worn and well loved shirt, which leaves them super soft and comfortable. 

This is the perfect shirt for that t-shirt and jeans day.

Click me to purchase!

The thing I love about these earrings is they combine two of my favorite things: the Red Sox and Hello Kitty!

I wish I hadn't started gauging my ears! I can't wear simple posts anymore :(

Click me to purchase!
For summer, I love long dresses. Not only are they very comfortable, but they are great to throw on over your bathing suit after the beach, or if you're just hanging out at a cook out. No reason why you can't look good and support your team all at one time!

This is also made by '47 Brand.

Click me to purchase!

Living in South Florida, you have to have a swim suit. Between all of our beaches, springs, and lakes, it's a total must. This is my favorite style since I'm more the type to sit on the sidelines with a good book and a massive sun hat than play in the surf. 

That's my take on sport's chic, what about you? 

What teams are you fanatical over? 

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow!

10 June 2015

Summer: The Season of Chub Rub

Living in South Florida, I come to dread summers, especially now that I'm a little heavier than I used to be. 

One of the main reason I dread the summer is my number one enemy: sweating. Ever since I had ankle surgery, I sweat like I'm hanging out in a sauna if the temperature rises above 75F. Then there is the most dreaded - boob sweat. I'm sure most of you more well endowed gals out there know what I'm talking about. 

Even tank tops end up being victim to lovely little sweat marks, or if I'm wearing a bigger t-shirt, the oh so lovely feel of sweat running down my torso. Blech. 

This summer has gotten a little worse thanks to something I've never experienced before. Chaffing.

My boyfriend, who has had problems with this no matter what size he is, is the one who identified what it was. 

All I know is I had this crazy burn on my upper thighs, couldn't see what it was because it was so close to my vag, and the only way I could describe to him why I couldn't see it is asking him if he could give himself a blow job. 

He quickly understood. 

His lovely solution was shower more. 

That just doesn't help in a house that doesn't have central air conditioning in all rooms, so when you step out of the shower and dry off you still feel like you're soaking wet thanks to the grand Florida humidity. 

It also doesn't help when you rarely wear panties. 

Plus, it's not like I can just hop up and shower whenever I feel nasty. 

Scrubbing the baseboards and sweaty? Sure, let me take a shower between scrubbing each room after I'm all sweaty and nasty, covered in grime. I'd rather finish the job instead of hop up and clean up after every single cleaning job I do around here.

I tried baby powder, but felt like a big smelly baby. I don't like the way baby powder smells, and we don't have any unscented laying around. 

Not only that, but it only keeps you comfortable for so long before the pain and irritation comes back in full force and makes me feel so irritated that I want to hit someone in the face. With a steel chair. Covered in nails, lemon juice, and salt. 

So now my solution has become boy shorts. 

It's the only thing that protects the rash from rubbing my clothes, but other skin. 

And it's still pissed. 

So I ask you ladies, what the hell do you do during the summer if you chafe

So far my solutions have been little to no help. 

Even though I'm a little thicker in the thighs, Willam always makes me feel better. 


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