23 June 2015

False Lash Look Without Falsies

I don't know about you, but I can't put on false lashes for anything. They end up wonky and I feel like poor Gia Gunn. 

True story. 

Thank goodness for Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes!

Let me tell you that these are the most fun and easiest lash system I've ever used, and it really works.

This is a three step system, where you use the magnifying gel before and after adding the fibers. 

I also got their lash curler, which I think is a pretty crucial step to achieving the best final look with the fiber lashes. 

I really like the lash curler because it has that plastic piece to keep it safe and sound in your makeup bag. 

It also comes with replacement thumb holds and the bit that curls your lashes. It's a great value, much better than any of the curlers I've gotten in the past. It's the only brand I've had that has ever come with spare parts. 

This is the brush for the gel. It looks like your standard  mascara brush. I thought the gel would be clear, but it's a nice black that blends right with my natural lashes as well as the fibers. 

And this is the fiber brush. It doesn't look like much, just a fuzzy mascara brush.

If you enlarge the picture, you can actually see some of the fibers that came off on my hand as I was trying to take the pictures.

Even with so many steps, it's incredibly easy to use. 

1. Curl your lashes. 

2. Put on the magnifying gel. 

This is where you have to work fast. While this is still wet, move on to step 3 before the gel dries. 

3. Fibers. 

Put the fibers on just like you're doing regular mascara, but you start from about half way on the lash and extend it out to the end. You'll immediately see a difference as they make your lashes longer. 

Then let the lashes dry for about twenty seconds. 

4. Magnifying gel. 

Put on another layer of the gel to set the fibers in place. 

And you're done!

You can do this as many times as you want to make anything from a regular daytime look, or go for multiple coats for extreme drama. I've almost made my lashes touch my eyebrows with this product!

This is what it looks like on me. You can see the lashes on the left of the image, and the naked lashes on the right. I do my liner so thick it may be hard to see in this image. 

Here's a side profile where you can really get a sense of how they look. This is with just two coats. 

Then another of my naked lash side. You can see them, but they aren't as dramatic as you'd see with the 3D Fiber Lash.

Because I'm a camera whore, I had to get another one with the flash. It makes me look so white!

This is a side view to show my lashes with the product. 

Then another with flash just because I liked how pale it makes me look XD

This is lashes on both sides, just two coats since I had other things to do when I was finished and didn't want to look like a drag queen. 

I won't lie - this will take practice. The first time I used it I had clumps for days. You just need to take time to master the product, just like any other new product you'd buy. Once you get the steps down to a science, I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do.

One of my favorite things about this product is how easily it is removed. You'd think with that many layers it would be tough, but that is the furthest from the truth. 

All you need is a little water or a makeup remover wipe. They are gone with two wipes. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.

Easy on, easy off, perfection.

I absolutely adore this product. Since I've gotten it, I've stopped using regular mascara! 

The only downside is this is not waterproof. If you live in a very humid climate, that can be a bit of a worry because of sweat. I've had sweat ruin the look of these a few times, so this is not something you'd throw on and go to a barbecue or any other outdoor event when it's 39C (102F) out there. That is the actual current temp at 11:20 AM here in South Florida. 

I'm going to try layering a waterproof product on top to see if that solves the problem without destroying the look of the lashes.

To get your own Mia Adora set, go to MiaAdora.com. If you want just the lash curler, that can be found on Amazon.

Have you tried any alternative lashes instead of false lashes? What did you think? 

Disclsure: I received these products for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 


  1. I really need to get my hands on a fiber lash mascara like this! I use to have pretty standard length lashes but I think when I trim my bangs I end up trimming off some of my lashes too because they've gotten horribly stubby these past few months. This could really be what I need to feel semi normal again haha! (On the other hand I should probably stop trimming my bangs so close to my eyeballs in general.)

    The side shots look great, I wear a ton of liner myself so I really love how you can see the true effect of the lashes regardless of how bold you decide to go with your makeup :)


    1. You're a brave gal. I was always afraid to trim my own bangs!

      The fiber lash is a savior. If you add more than I did, you can make your lashes so dramatic and make them really pop. It's a product you can use to build up your lashes. And believe me, it does build. The first or second time I used it, I think I did four different coats and my lashes were damn near to my eyebrows. Curling before you use it also makes a world of difference.

  2. I really want to try a 2 step fiber mascara~ i've used mascaras that have fibers in it (eg. Dolly Wink long mascara) which is amazing .
    I like the results :) Since its winter now i should get my hands on them before Summer comes around haha!

    1. I haven't tried the mascaras with the fibers in it yet, though I want to if I can find a waterproof brand.

      You know my pain on the heat and humidity. It's currently 31C here right now, which isn't too bad compared to most days when it's like 39C from sunrise to sunset but the real feel is 46 even in the shade. As long as you wear this product indoors you'll be good, haha. The worst thing is when the humidity starts to take it off and I end up with fibers all over my eye area where they like to just fly off on their own.


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