11 June 2015

Game Day With Style

I am a huge baseball fanatic. Even though I'm in Florida, the Boston Red Sox are my team.

Baseball season in my house is always fun. I'm a Red Sox girl, my boyfriend is all about the Yankees - we're a house divided. It extends beyond just baseball! I'm Patriots, he's Saints. I'm Manchester United, he's Barcelona. I'm a Dale Jr. fan, he's Tony Stuart. The only place where we agree is college football, where we both support the University of Miami.

Even so, baseball is where our true rivalry is. He won't even drink out of my Sox cups!

When the Red Sox and Yankees went to the world series a few years back, we didn't speak for two weeks afterward. Mainly because I woke him up at like two in the morning after Boston won a game that he thought that NY had in the bag. I also screamed obnoxiously in his face "we won, bitches!". The Yankees ended up taking the series that year, so he rubbed that in my face.  

What is the first thing one thinks of when they think team spirit?

The baseball hat.

Fanatics.com has an entire selection of MLB hats and gear to suit any fan. Whatever your team, they have it. 

I chose this hat to base my look after: 

Click me to visit Fanatics.com!

I chose this hat because it closely matches my boyfriend's Yankees hat of a similar look. This is from '47 Brand's Cooperstown Collection. It's a fitted hat that sells for $29.95, which is a great price! 

I prefer fitted hats because of how they look when you wear them backwards, which is what I typically do. Adjustables tend to leave a funny mark on your forehead, and give crazy bad tan lines if you wear them in the sun for extended periods of time. 

The outfit I created around this hat is definitely on the girly side. If you're going to spend a day at the game, a girl still has to look good while supporting her team!

Game Day


$69 - harveynichols.com



This shirt totally fits my attitude. I don't get cute about my team - I get drop dead gorgeous. I would modify this shirt, though, to fall off of the shoulder ala Flashdance, and throw on a white or red tank underneath for accent. This is perfect for those late summer afternoons when it starts to get cooler as the sun goes down, especially if you're there in Fenway.

I love a good high waisted short, especially with tops that are going to be a bit slouchy. I went with these because of the nautical feel, and Boston's history of being a sea port.

A girl has to have comfortable shoes for game day, and Converse is one of the most comfortable shoes one is going to find. They are a classic!

To top off my game day look rather than going for a classic name plate necklace, something I've wanted ever since I first saw Sex and the City and the "Carrie" necklace, I would rather show some team spirit with a Red Sox necklace instead. 

It's going to be bright, so sunglasses are a must. Rather than going simple, I decided to go a little funky and wear my heart(s) on my eyes!

In addition to hats, Fanatics.com has a whole range of MLB gear for every taste! 

I made a mini wishlist of some of my favorite items from the Red Sox section of the site. I couldn't help myself!

Click me to purchase!

I absolutely love the vintage look of this shirt. I'm a big fan of the more vintage style t-shirts. They are generally printed on a thinner fabric to mimic that well worn and well loved shirt, which leaves them super soft and comfortable. 

This is the perfect shirt for that t-shirt and jeans day.

Click me to purchase!

The thing I love about these earrings is they combine two of my favorite things: the Red Sox and Hello Kitty!

I wish I hadn't started gauging my ears! I can't wear simple posts anymore :(

Click me to purchase!
For summer, I love long dresses. Not only are they very comfortable, but they are great to throw on over your bathing suit after the beach, or if you're just hanging out at a cook out. No reason why you can't look good and support your team all at one time!

This is also made by '47 Brand.

Click me to purchase!

Living in South Florida, you have to have a swim suit. Between all of our beaches, springs, and lakes, it's a total must. This is my favorite style since I'm more the type to sit on the sidelines with a good book and a massive sun hat than play in the surf. 

That's my take on sport's chic, what about you? 

What teams are you fanatical over? 

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  1. We don't have baseball culture here but those shades are cuuuuuute <3

    1. Baseball season can get insane here! Not as crazy as football season, of course.

      I adore those glasses. I'm definitely going to get a pair ^^

  2. Even though baseball has always been my favorite sport to play, I find that the only one I enjoy watching is basketball (which is almost over now, woo for the Cavs though)! I just never have the patience to sit down and watch any other sport through out the year haha. Theres no denying that baseball has a great nostalgic feel and some of the most style get decked out in though, I'm in love with those Hello Kitty themed earrings!


  3. OMG! The hello kitty earrings are sooo cute!!


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