27 June 2015

Head to Toe Lip Essentials from Beauteque

One of the things I had stick with me growing up in a moderately poor household is a love for coupons and a great bargain. 

If it's one thing that you will find at Beauteque, it's a bargain. 

I've shopped with them once before and gotten a great bargain on some face and hand creams and masks, so when I went back and saw a lip essentials bundle, I had to get it. 

This is their Head to Toe Lip Essentials bundle. In this bundle you get: 

- Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick 
- Etude House Soft Touch lip liner
- Aritaum Baby Lips Balm 
- Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint
- Nature Republic By Flower Lip Scrub
- Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
- Retractable Lip Brush

I got this entire bundle for $26. The entire value I calculated up to be roughly $60 USD. Amazing, right!

I've had the bag for about a week now, and I've already included the Etude House lip color into my makeup routine, and I've discovered I cannot live without the Baby Lips Balm. 

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick

As always, the tube is super freakin cute. I would expect nothing less from Etude House. 

This lipstick goes on extremely smoothly. You have to be careful if you have chapped lips, because this formula will get caught in any flaking skin.

Like with most Korean beauty products you'll find, the manufacture date is printed on it rather than the expiration date. 

I decided to go for the Pk005, which is a very bright almost Barbie pink. 

I love the little imprint in the side. You don't see many American lipsticks that have cute little details like that. 

Here is a swatch on my wrist. It's got great sparkle and shine to it, as well as a great pigmented color depending on how heavily you apply. 

Etude House Soft Touch Lip Liner

I was in love with this liner almost instantly. 

This is the #4 Real Rose.

This is an automatic liner, so no more sharpening pencils!

It also retracts so you can put it back into the tube when you've finished using it.

This liner lives up to its name and goes on so smoothly. 

The pictures make it almost look brownish, but it's a deep rose red. 

Aritaum Baby Lips Balm

Of the three that I could have received, I got the Super Collagen. 

It has gotten to the point that I cannot live without this product. 

I'm not advanced enough in my Korean studies to be able to read this T_T

It's got an opaque white look, but it goes on clear. 

This leaves my lips sooooo soft it's insane. It has a very soft scent that is more delicious than bothersome. 

My lips always take hell year round because of their size. I have yet to have my lips crack in the night since using this product. 

Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint

I have had so much fun with this. This is my first lip tint and it's got a bit of a learning curve. 

This is the Strawberry color.

It's got a typical sponge applicator like you'd see in a lip gloss. 

It is also quite watery, which I tried to capture by holding it up to the window to show that you can see through it completely. 

This is a swatch on my forearm. 

It seriously doesn't look like much, but once this is on it does not budge. It's extremely long lasting. 

A little lip gloss on top and you're set to go. 

The only thing I'm not really fond of with this is it does have a bit of a strange taste to me. I'm a very sensory person when it comes to taste, and this is a little so so.

Nature Republic By Flower Lip Scrub

This product has also become a quick favorite because of how badly I chap. 

This scrub has a great texture and smell, and makes my lips crazy smooth.

Here is a closeup of the texture. I'm not exactly sure what those little exfoliators are, but they work like a dream. 

 Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

Lip patches are so much fun. 

What I love about this is the packaging, since you can actually see the product in the package - a total difference from the Berrisom SOS! My Lip Patch that I reviewed about a month or so ago.

This lip patch is said to be super hydrating and it has a light berry flavor. 

Leave it on for twenty minutes and beautiful lips are yours!

I've yet to use this. I can't wait to take a bunch of silly selfies when I do!

Retractable Lip Brush

I love nifty beauty tools, and I think this is super nifty. 

When it's closed, the brush goes down into the bottom piece, retracting completely, making it so easy to put the cap on without snagging the bristles. 

When you take the top off and put it onto the bottom, the brush comes out ready for use. 

I haven't used this but a few times since I'm one of those girls that tends to use her fingers for everything

I'm so in love with this set. I can't wait to see what bundle they release next month!

Have you tried any of these products? 

Which are your favorites? 

This post was not sponsored. Beauteque is just a store I really adore. I purchased these products with my own money. 


  1. I just came across Beauteque for the first time last week but didn't spend too much time looking at the stuff they sold, I didn't realize they had such amazing deals! These are all brands I really love or have been wanting to try out too, and right away I can tell I'd get use out of all these products (especially that Etude House lipstick and the lip scrub, that color is beautiful!)

    I think I was so side tracked about entering that crazy giveaway they're having I didn't even think to browse the site, looks like I know what I'm gonna be spending my whole night doing now :D


    1. I love Beauteque. They are super quick to ship, and I generally get my package a few days later.

      That giveaway is so amazing! I couldn't believe that they are being so generous.

  2. Love the review! I can't believe you got all of those items for just $26! I'm actually very tempted to give Beauteque a try now. I especially like the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips shade; it's such a pretty color. :)

    1. Each month they do a package deal like this. It's fantastic!

  3. This is amazing! How did you find this site?

    Anyway, are the bundles pre-set or do you just have to reach a certain value for you to avail of the discount?

    1. I think I googled a certain brand and found it. I surfed through the first time and found a box deal and had to get it. Since then, I've been shopping with them.

      Each month they do a box deal with a pre set price. Generally they give you a choice when it comes to certain things in the box (like a lipstick color they did with this box), but most things are as is. I did get a different lip patch than they had put in originally. I assume they ran out and had to substitute.

  4. love everything on this list :) im a huge tony moly fan


    1. This was the first product I'd tried from them!

      I want to try some of their eye patches next ^^

  5. I'm going to give that site a try :) sounds really good~
    Also you don't really need to know whats written in korean on that lipbalm, it just tells you it has collagen and shea butter and that its a nutritional lip care product haha

  6. I love the lippacks *_* They're really great :D and funny :D

  7. These items are so cute!!!!! ^_^


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