23 June 2015

More Dry Skin Saviors: Rosehip Oil

Summer doesn't always scream dry skin to most people, especially with how humid it is. I live in what is considered a subtropical to tropical climate and it can get so humid here that you sweat your makeup off before you even leave the house. 

Even still I get dehydrated very easily, and so does my skin. My elbows and knees are the worst year round. 

Oils have been a complete savior to me. My sister from another mister introduced me to oils since she's got super dry skin. 

One of my recent favorites has become rosehip seed oil, mainly because it makes my hair look amazing when I use it with the argan oil I favor so much. 

Like most of the oils I use, this also comes in a dark glass bottle to preserve the oil. It's very solid glass, which is a good thing with my clumsy self. I've dropped it on my concrete floor and it simply bounced. 

It also has a very handy glass dropper so you can get the exact amount of oil that you desire. 

The oil looks very watery, but once you get it in your hands and move it around it almost feels creamy to me. Once you start to distribute it wherever you desire the color fades away and leaves you with a very soft, almost earthy smell. 

My boyfriend says it smells like olive oil, but when I smell it I think of days spent playing in the garden and the smell of plants and soil. It's quite calming. 

This is my ponytail after I applied some of the oil. The ends are going to look dead until I cut them off, but the rest has a brilliant shine. It keeps my divorced ends in check and makes my hair glimmer, thanks to the bleached out red tone it is now. 

I always apply it only at the ends, never at the scalp since I have oily hair to begin with. 

This is a true powerhouse oil when it comes to skincare because all of the different things you can use it for. 

It can correct sun damage, can help with skin issues like eczema, reduces the look of scars, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and can actually help to even your skin tone. 

Here are a few of my favorite tips for using this oil: 

- Use it after you bathe so it absorbs into dry skin quicker
- Apply to only the ends of hair so it doesn't make your hair look greasy
- To use it as a facial moisturizer, use it after your usual skincare routine instead of creams
- Use as a makeup remover. It removes makeup like a champ and leaves your skin moisturized. 
- Kick dry feet to the curb - put it on your feet and slip on some socks before sleeping

To get your hands on this oil, head over to Amazon.com

Disclosure: I received this for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I never heard about this brand before. But I think would like to try it. Such an amazing products.
    I have dry skin on my face and I really hate it. I hope this product helps me.


    1. This will definitely help your dry skin. My face has actually gotten softer since I've used it, so have my elbows and feet.

  2. Oooo thanks for the tips! I've seen rosehip oil around before but I never really knew what to do with it hahaha! i'm so dumb :P

    1. I did a lot of google-fu and asked my aunt. I've learned so much about oils through my life, yet some I have no idea what to do with!


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