29 June 2015

More Fiber Lashes: Illegal Length by Maybelline

Today I come with another fiber lash mascara, but this time in one step.

I received a random gift goodie bag in the mail, and this Illegal Length Fiber Extensions mascara by Maybelline was one of the things that was included.

I'd never tried a one step fiber lash so I had to experiment with it, just like I did with the Mia Adora fiber lash I wrote about last week.

The tube reminds me very much of a stiletto heel, comparable to the Maybelline Stiletto Lash without the black and red color.

The brush is also much like your standard mascara brush. Nothing special, in my opinion.

This is just one coat, as you can see on the left. Right is left untouched. 

This is two coats, still nothing on the right.

This is three coats, nothing on the right.

I was hoping to try to build it like I did with the Mia Adora. With that mascara, you can definitely tell a difference after a few coats. 

With this one, the only real difference I noticed is is it clumps up more rather than building out. 

It's not bad for a one coat job, but if you're looking for a really dramatic look I don't think this is the product that you should choose. 

I give this a three out of five, since it wasn't quite what I expected. On a scale of toot to boot, this product is a boot.

Have you tried this mascara before? 


  1. I didn't even realize drugstore lines had fiber mascaras out yet! It does seem like a half hearted version of one however, since you don't really see the fibers on the wand or anything. I'm still pretty impressed by the difference it made between the left and right overall I must say either way :D


    1. I'm not sure if this is out in drugstores yet, honestly. I got it as a gift from a company for participating in a survey months ago.

      I was shocked that there was no visible fibers. I don't think it's like the last mascara I got, as far as having real fibers, I just think it's some sort of building formula.

  2. Weird that there's no visible fibers on the brush :/


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