21 June 2015

More Weird Facts About Me

Since it's moderately early on a Sunday morning, my boyfriend is at work, and the kids are elsewhere, I figure I may as well share some more strange and weird facts about myself! Since I blog, I like the people who read this to know more about who I am, about this weirdo who's writing about makeup and whatever else comes to mind. 

Ok, let's get started. 

1. I am a human weather mane. 

Ever since I broke my ankle, I've been able to tell when a storm or cold front is coming. I guess it's like Karen from Mean Girls, but more accurate. 

I have a bunch of metal in my ankle now: one plate with five screws, and this long rod thingie holding my poor little shattered ankle bones together. 

Since my surgery, if there is some sort of weather coming through it will hurt like mad. It's not the same kind of pain you'd get from it being broken or recovering from surgery, it's more like a pressure, like someone squeezing my ankle. 

My boyfriend also feels it in his knees!

So if you are near us and we say it's going to rain or get cold, prepare for whatever is coming! 

2. 75% of the makeup I own is from Korea. 

Would that really be considered a strange fact? 

I've got this thing with Korean and Japanese makeup, mainly because the quality is so much higher than the things I get here in the States. The foundation colors also match me better. Most of the things I've gotten from here have either been too cool or too warm. The Korean foundations I've gotten have matched my skin perfectly each time. It also doesn't cause me to break out, which most American products tend to do for some reason or another. 

When American products reach the level of quality that Asian brands have, I may consider buying drugstore products. Until then I'll relish in my cute and better beauty products.

3. My dad lived in Korea for years, and it affects my diet now.

When my dad was younger, he lived in Korea for around five years or so. I can't remember the name of the town, but I do remember it was in the news a few years ago when there was a giant sinkhole that was pretty devastating to the town. 

Because he lived there and had a huge love for Korean food, I now eat a lot of Korean food. A meal is not a meal for me without kimchi. I eat a lot of it, and my family hates it. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner I fit it in somehow. 

It's good for you, so that's my reasoning. It's also really freakin good. 

I also love things like bulgogi and bibimbap. He really expanded my ideas of food. 

4. I am a Muslim.

Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? 

Not many people do. 

I'm probably one of the worst Muslims on the face of the planet, but I credit Islam for saving my life in many ways. When all feels lost, I know that Allah (swt) is there. 

While I am not able to participate in fasting this year for Ramadan, I am doing other things. I have always been about charity work, so this year I am doing twice as much as usual. 

What I hate about my town is it is almost impossible to wear hijab, no matter how fashionable I do it. There are so many judgmental people here that it almost makes me fearful to wear it in public because of how people here react. When I was working at the tobacco shop, I told one customer that my family originally hails from Palestine. If he could have had kittens right then and there, I'm sure he would have. I never saw his face again in that shop. 

To be honest, it's really hard sometimes. I feel like I'm my own little island since we have very few brothers and sisters of Islam in my town. There is no one to talk to about any troubles that I may have, or even anyone that I can really relate to. 

It's also really hilarious when me, my sister, and my girlfriends get together to talk religion. My sister is a proud Wiccan, my bestie is Christian to the core, then there's me. I think I broke my poor bestie's brain when it came to speaking of Jesus as a prophet and the religion of Abraham. It messed her up a little bit, and I think it made her question her faith, especially after I spent some time reading the Qu'ran to her. 

If that fact makes me lose readers, so be it. 

5. I'm extremely crafty and handy around the house.

Being raised in a pretty poor household, I learned very early on to be extremely crafty. 

I was raised in a way that if something was broken, we didn't throw it away. We fixed it. 

I wasn't always able to get new clothes for school, so my favorite thing to do was to go to a place like Goodwill or any other thrift store and buy things there. If they didn't fit right, I modified it! If I didn't like the fabric but I liked the cut, I'd tear it apart to make a pattern and make the same garment out of whatever fabric I wanted. 

I also make all of our scarves and other winter clothing because I knit and crochet.

Lately, I've been making pillows out of old t-shirts that have sentimental value. It's really easy and essentially free since I'm using old t-shirts and shredding old pillows for their stuffing. It also gives my house that extra funky flavor of one of a kind decor. 

In addition to crafts, I'm pretty good at remodeling furniture and homes. My father was a contractor, so I grew up learning how to build and make things from him. I actually helped him on a local construction job of a middle school. I put up all of the doors in one of the buildings. My girl child eventually went to school there and couldn't believe I helped build it. It's nice to be able to lay your mark somehow, and for me that mark was helping in building a school. 

6. I bake all of my cakes from scratch. 

I hail from a very old Southern family. Generations of the females in my mother's side of the family were all born in the same tiny Alabama town (me included!). I enjoyed spending my time around the older generations of my mom's family because I learned things. 

From my great grandmother and grandmother I learned to sew. 

From my great aunt I learned cake mixes are the root of all evil. 

Aunt Pean was serious about making everything from scratch. From her I learned to appreciate the taste difference in home made cake compared to cake from a box. 

My biggest cake hit is red velvet cake. Each time it tastes different because, I'll be honest, I rarely measure. Just like my great aunt, I eyeball ingredients. Once I've made a recipe from a book, it's there and I can replicate it no problem. 

Honestly, try it one day. Make your own cake mix rather than buying one. The taste will blow your mind. 

7. I don't drink soda. 

For years, I was terrible about drinking soda all the time. It made me gain weight and feel just terrible. 

I stopped drinking soda a few months ago and I can honestly say I don't miss it.

My boyfriend bought sodas when he went shopping and I tried one and it was disgusting. I don't like the sweetness of them. I don't like how bloated I feel afterward, either. 

Now, if I need my caffeine, I drink coffee. Other than that, I drink only water and the occasional Gatorade if I'm particularly dehydrated that day. 

Since I've stopped I have noticed a drastic decrease in my weight and belly fat. I'm still a little chubby, don't get me wrong, but I believe I lost around 2-3kg (5 or 6lbs). 

You'll be surprised how much you don't miss sodas and sugary drinks if you stop drinking them. 

8. My boyfriend and I have a dog kennel and we are pitbull advocates. 

We have such a love for the pitbull and other bully breeds. 

Here in the US, anything labeled a "pitbull" is extremely misunderstood. They are seen as vicious killers or fighting dogs. Thanks to this misconception and the bad name that they get from the media a lot of people fear them. Many places have even banned them. You cannot own one in Miami, it's gotten that bad. There are places in Colorado that have banned them, and even some countries that have flat out banned the breed. I had a lady that lives down the street from me tell me that "this isn't the neighborhood for that kind of dog" as I walked Autumn Rose one afternoon. I wanted to tell her it's not the neighborhood for crabby old people, but I held my tongue to keep the peace. I also didn't want to be disrespectful to an elder.

It is our mission to show people that this breed isn't a vicious killer dog, they aren't dangers to children, and they are excellent family dogs when raised in the proper environment. 

I don't know about you, but this face does not scream killer. 

We make it a point to socialize our dogs, to show people that pitbulls are very loving dogs that want nothing more than to please their owners and their families. 

So far, when we've been out and about with the dogs, we have not gotten one single bad reaction. Everyone loves to pet them, and the dogs love the attention. 

All of our dogs have been raised around children, and are very quick to guard them if there is a stranger present. The dogs do not allow anyone who doesn't belong into my home into my home. I fear for anyone who tries to break in and harm us because these dogs will not let it happen. 

Never in my life have I felt safer in my own home than I do with my babies. 

We do not just breed, we also rescue. Our oldest female was a rescue that had been passed around home to home. I sincerely don't understand why. She's extremely friendly and loving. 

We will do whatever we can to protect this breed. 

9. I briefly worked for the US government.

Not really much to say about it. They paid well and took care of me until the job ended. They wanted me to drive to the next county to continue working, but at the time I was going to school full time and wasn't able to devote that sort of time to working. School was much more important. 

10. My favorite show ever is Daria.

This was the show that showed me that girls could be smart, that being smart wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Being different wasn't necessarily a bad thing. 

 This show was on MTv during my middle school and high school years. It was a huge part of my life because it was, to me, the ideal. I was the outcast, much like Daria, because I was a reader. I was focused on my studies. It made me realize that it was ok to have my own thoughts about things, that I didn't have to be popular or cool, as long as I was myself. 

When the DVD box set was released, I was over the moon. It's really all I watch while I'm cleaning or blogging. It makes me feel like a teenager again, even though I'm over ten years past being one.

Now that I watch the show again, I realize that I can relate to almost every character in the show in one way or another, be it Daria, Jane, Quinn, or even Britney. 

Well, that is ten more strange facts about me! It's taken two hours to get this out, so I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed writing. 

If you missed it, there is also a part one.

Now tell me something weird about you! <3

Talk to you again soon!


  1. I loveeeeee Daria!!
    Also that would be stupid if you lost followers because of your religion. >:(

    1. Daria is the ish! I actually splurged and bought that planner that they released in I think 99. It's for an older operating system, so I didn't think twice since I've been able to run a lot of old programs on my computer (I had Sim City 2000 and it ran like a champ), but this won't run without Windows 98 T_T And I'm going to look for an old Windows just so I can run it. I think that crosses the line of fan a little, hahaha.

      If I do, I do. You'd be surprised. I've lost friends on Facebook because of stupider things. I'm very outspoken about conflict between Palestine and Israel because my family originally hails from Palestine, and I've lost friends over it. It's not a big deal to me, because if they were truly with me for me then they wouldn't give a damn. I think in my younger years it would have bothered me a lot. Now that I've hit thirty things like that seem to matter less and less.


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