16 June 2015

Summer Essential: Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install

The temperatures are getting higher and I'm ready to open all of my doors and windows. Of course, here in Florida, there is an abundance of bugs and frogs so if you don't have screens on all of your windows, or a screen door, you'll be living in a pest paradise. I have all of the screens in the windows, but I was missing a screen door.

This is my ugly back door. As you can see, I have hinges where I used to have a real screen door, but it was taken off by a storm.

I wanted a way that I could leave that back door open without inviting every pest in sight into the house. 

Putting it up is SOOO easy. I have been asking my boyfriend to put it up for me because I didn't realize exactly how easy it was. I finally got irritated and did it myself. 

All you have to do is measure your door so you can mark the middle, which is where you start putting this up at. 

This is the product laid out, as per directions, so I could put on all of the velcro pieces. Yes, this is held on my velcro, so you can easily take it down if you need to!

Once you have those pieces on, it's really just a matter of pressing the velcro pieces onto the door once you have the white backing removed. 

The middle part I marked is where the middle of the mesh went. From there you work down the sides and press everything onto your door frame. 

Here is my boyfriend helping with the last little bit, with an appearance by Jake the Dog!

I couldn't get up high enough so there is a little gap, but we are going to go back and actually staple the velcro into the wood for more longevity. I didn't even think of that, my boyfriend did. 

They do include some push pins to secure it more, but we are going with the staple gun method. 

The big strip down the middle is a row of magnets, which keeps the mesh closed. It's super easy to go in and out, even hands free. Once you're through, it closes all by itself! Super nice feature. 

The Mega Mesh has been a life saver keeping all of the creepy crawlies out and letting the good air in. I wish I would have gotten one of these years ago!

To purchase your own Magic Mesh for a quick and easy way to cool your home, go to megamesh.co.

Disclosure: I received this for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.


  1. Boyfriend? *cries bitterly in the background*

    No seriously, this sounds like an amazing product! The self-close feature sounds super helpful.

    1. Yes! We've been together for ten years now. He really is my best friend.

      It's a fantastic product though I've discovered that my dogs are completely terrified of it. There is one of my dogs that has to be carried through it, which is a little tough because she's like 60lbs. It is hard to get her to even get near the door.


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