10 June 2015

Summer: The Season of Chub Rub

Living in South Florida, I come to dread summers, especially now that I'm a little heavier than I used to be. 

One of the main reason I dread the summer is my number one enemy: sweating. Ever since I had ankle surgery, I sweat like I'm hanging out in a sauna if the temperature rises above 75F. Then there is the most dreaded - boob sweat. I'm sure most of you more well endowed gals out there know what I'm talking about. 

Even tank tops end up being victim to lovely little sweat marks, or if I'm wearing a bigger t-shirt, the oh so lovely feel of sweat running down my torso. Blech. 

This summer has gotten a little worse thanks to something I've never experienced before. Chaffing.

My boyfriend, who has had problems with this no matter what size he is, is the one who identified what it was. 

All I know is I had this crazy burn on my upper thighs, couldn't see what it was because it was so close to my vag, and the only way I could describe to him why I couldn't see it is asking him if he could give himself a blow job. 

He quickly understood. 

His lovely solution was shower more. 

That just doesn't help in a house that doesn't have central air conditioning in all rooms, so when you step out of the shower and dry off you still feel like you're soaking wet thanks to the grand Florida humidity. 

It also doesn't help when you rarely wear panties. 

Plus, it's not like I can just hop up and shower whenever I feel nasty. 

Scrubbing the baseboards and sweaty? Sure, let me take a shower between scrubbing each room after I'm all sweaty and nasty, covered in grime. I'd rather finish the job instead of hop up and clean up after every single cleaning job I do around here.

I tried baby powder, but felt like a big smelly baby. I don't like the way baby powder smells, and we don't have any unscented laying around. 

Not only that, but it only keeps you comfortable for so long before the pain and irritation comes back in full force and makes me feel so irritated that I want to hit someone in the face. With a steel chair. Covered in nails, lemon juice, and salt. 

So now my solution has become boy shorts. 

It's the only thing that protects the rash from rubbing my clothes, but other skin. 

And it's still pissed. 

So I ask you ladies, what the hell do you do during the summer if you chafe

So far my solutions have been little to no help. 

Even though I'm a little thicker in the thighs, Willam always makes me feel better. 


  1. Our apartment is so hot! I totally understand what you mean about not having ac. I think we are going to have to buy one before summer really heats up!

    1. I have window units in certain places in the house, like the bedrooms and the kitchen. Otherwise it gets unbearable! I have found it's easier to cool just one room at a time than spend the money on one of the higher BTU units.


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