02 July 2015

Beta-Salic 2.0 Cream Review

I got my haul yesterday from Wishtrend. The main reason I made the order was for the Beta-Salic 2.0 cream from Chica y Chico. 

I love love love this cream. 

As you can see, it's a daily dead-skin-control facial cream.

You just apply it at night after you've done your toner and it helps to take care of your blackheads, uneven tone, even rough skin. 

I'd used this twice with samples and I knew I had to have a full tube of my own.

The tube is a nice size, so this will last you quite a while. 

And this is the product smeared on my hand. 

Total, I'd say the size of a nickel will cover my whole face. 

The beautiful part is it is very quick absorbing and it's not sticky. Sticky creams are one of my biggest pet peeves. They make me feel icky.

There are some warnings I must give you with this product: 

- You must wear sunscreen while using this product. It essentially takes off the first layer of skin, making your skin much more vulnerable 

- Use a foaming face wash when you wake up. This will add moisture to your skin, as it may be a bit irritated. 

- Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. With that top layer of skin gone, you will have to add extra moisture back to your skin. 

- Do not exfoliate while using this product. It already exfoliates your skin as you sleep, and exfoliating even more will just make your skin mad and red. 

This is a picture from last night before bed, with nothing but the cream and some pinky powder on my zits. 

And one from this morning. 

Both of these are untouched so you can get an idea of what the cream did. 

I'll be sure to keep posting pictures periodically so you can see the progression of using this product. 

(The Pinky Powder is amazeballs, btw. That mountain on the bridge of my nose was Mt. Fuji sized last night. This morning it was nothing more than a mole hill.)

The main differences I can feel are definitely in my nose area. I always have a little zit next to my nose ring and that was gone this morning. My nose in general looks so much clearer than just using my normal product routine. 


- Gets rid of blackheads 

- Smooths skin like it's nobody's business

- Evens tone

- No more flaky skin on the sides of my nose

- Results appear overnight. Literally overnight. 


- Leaves my skin a little sensitive after use

Some people have reported a little tingling, though I have not experienced that. 

Right now, it's a beauty steal on Wishtrend, so get it while it's cheap! 

I've never had a cream that has shown me results this quickly. I can honestly say that this is definitely a miracle cream. 

I want to show you exactly why I chose to purchase this. Thank you, Eunice!

What is your miracle cream? 

Disclosure: I purchased this product with my own money. Any opinions are my own.


  1. I just got this in sample along with 2 other creams from the same line. Excited to give it a try!!

    1. Definitely try it! The samples are how I got turned onto it. Now when I get samples I pass them out to my friends for them to try and maybe get their own tube.

      The blackheads in my nose are donezo. It's even brightened my skin!

  2. Ooooo thanks for the review! I'm really eyeing the product right now but i've bought so many things lately... T-T need to give my wallet a break hahaha so sad

    1. I need to give my wallet a break, too, haha!

      I say this cream is well worth the price. I've never used a cream like this before. It's improved my skin so quickly. The only thing I was a little pissy about is the sun deal. On Independence day Saturday I spent a lot of time in my boyfriend's dad's neighborhood walking from house to house to see relatives. It did leave my skin a little sensitive and it burned a bit when I started sweating. I did do sunblock, I just need a big floppy hat now when I go out into the sun.

  3. hi! before using the beta salic 2.0, do you use any essence or serum?
    if you do, do you apply the beta salic directly after essence/serum, or wait for some minute?
    thank you so much.

    1. When I was using it, I typically used just it and a light moisturizer.


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