28 July 2015

Health Update

My bronchitis finally left and I got stuck with an inner ear infection. 

Since I have sinus problems, sometimes your ears can fill with fluid as a side effect. It's not entirely terrible, but it doesn't feel the best in the world. 

I get to take antibiotics and hope that this goes away, but since I have a history of having lots of ear infections I may end up having to have a minor surgery to place in drainage tubes. 

That is the ultimate worst case scenario. 

Now I'm just walking around feeling like my head is under water, pretty much yelling "huh" and "what??" at my family when they talk to the "bad ear", and getting fiercely opinionated when I see ignorance on Facebook. Like lacking an ear has made my sass more fierce. 

I'm still schooling people on the issue of peace and Islam, getting pretty damn angry at this person who keeps posting on a page I follow saying "well, in Australia" on ever post about something going on in the US (I get it, Australia is really awesome, I'd love to visit), and spending endless hours playing the Ace Attorney series while snuggling with my cats. 

Once all of this is said and done, I'm getting my hair cut into a different style (this mermaid business is really starting to bother me) and getting the color evened out. Putting dye in your hair when it's this long isn't exactly easy. 

I'm going to lay down for a nap now because the antibiotics really take it out of me. I leave you with a picture of my kitten, Deeohgee Ronso. Front facing cameras really give her the creeps.

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