18 July 2015

Quick Update

Sorry I've been a little absent, loves!

For the last week or so I've been down with a pretty gnarly case of bronchitis. 

Since it's a viral thing, all I can really do is make myself comfortable, take meds and stay hydrated. I'm trying to avoid a trip to the hospital like my sister wants me to do. I'm gonna ride this train until it returns to Happy Health-ville and hopefully doesn't head to Pneumonia-town. It's already stopped at Menstruation-station, I don't need things to get worse. 

If you've never had bronchitis, lemme give you a bit of a run down on what's been happening. 

Think back to the last time you exercised until you were out of breath. 

That's how I feel All. The. Time. Without my meds I'm left gasping for breath.

I get super winded just walking to the bathroom. And it's down the hall. Dashing to the mailbox for my Beauteque order today was super fun. 

I also get really tired really easily (like how does one get tired when all you do is bundle up and watch Korean dramas?). I'm starting to feel ancient. 

My inhaler is my best friend.

(I sail through these small guys, I like the huge inhalers with enough meds to make me breathe forever!!!!!)

I've been coughing up some of the most disgusting gunk. The globs have been so big in the last day that I've been naming them. I've got four or five Steves and a few called Louise. 

(There's no picture for that one - you're welcome.)

NyQuil is also my best friend. 

Generally an illness like this lasts a few weeks, but I've got a weakened immune system so I may suffer for a good month. I'm one week in right now without heading to the hospital begging for something to help me breathe better. 

Again, since it's viral all they can do is make me comfortable and send me right back home so why waste the money? 

Anyway, I've got some new products to test and review from Beauteque, and I still have to review my Etude House order. Let me just say now that the Surprise Essence Concealer is the ish. Sooo good, I look like I actually get a full night of sleep when I've got it on. It's that good. 

Stay healthy, loves! See you soon ^^


  1. Oh sweetie I hope you feel better soon the bronchitis is very annoying


  2. Aw get better soon! It sucks when you're stuck at home and you think you can at least get some blogging done, but when I'm down with the flu (also feeling worn and sleepy af) I can't be bothered to do anything but sleep all day. You take your time getting well!

    1. I can hardly be bothered to eat at this point :( My boyfriend has been making me things and making sure I drink a lot of water.

      What sucks is I have ideas but not the energy to execute them!

      Thank you for the well wishes. I have many naps ahead before I'll be back up and healthy ^^


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