22 July 2015

When Did This Country Become So Hateful?

This is a rant on religion and hatred in the US. I've put it under a cut for those who do not wish to read these things. Stay tuned for more beauty related posts again soon. This is just something that I needed to get off of my chest. 

More and more lately on Facebook I've seen more and more hateful things. Ever since the shooting in Tennessee that just so happened to be a done by a Muslim man the hate has reached peak levels. 
A man in West Palm Beach has decided that he will not sell to any Muslims. 

Because he can apparently identify us on sight. We have an ID card or something that I apparently missed out on. 

Yet when that boy went into the church in the Carolinas and killed innocent churchgoers his religion was not taken into account. He was a lost boy that has mental issues. 

There is such a double standard in this country. Such a double standard. 

Then there is a small town in Texas that is up in arms about an Islamic cemetery. Some citizens have said that they want to do things like cover the land with pig blood and carcasses. They are afraid that if there is a cemetery, that a mosque is sure to follow, that they will "try to convert their children", or some rubbish like that. It's been nothing but a huge storm of hatred. I'm sure if there were another church going up in their neighborhood that there would be no such upheaval. There might even be a party. 

I do not see how people can be so hateful toward their fellow man. 

Do not blame an entire group of people for the actions of extremists. 

I can say that I do not blame all Christians for the hateful actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, who do terrible things like protest the funerals of military killed in action. Even most Christians I know write them off as not being Christians at all. 

So why is it that the actions of some terrorists and extremist groups can suddenly make people believe that all Muslim people are the same? 

I normally do not like to talk religion or politics on social media because of how many different opinions there are and how those two subjects tend to get very heated very quickly. 

Yesterday, when I saw the post about the gentleman not selling guns to any Muslims, I spoke up. 

I asked when hatred became the norm in this nation. 

Of course someone decided to throw the only thing they knew to throw at me: 9/11. When any question like that is presented that seems to be the most common answer of the uneducated. 

Here was her full response: 

Not only am I still totally P.O.'d about 9/11, every time I'm at the airport and have to take my shoes off and go through that whole-body scanner I get P.O.'d all over again. Terrorists suck. And aside from terrorist activities, Muslims are whacked for the way they treat women as lesser citizens, and that's putting it nicely.

I was blown away by her ignorance. Again, rather than sit back quietly, I responded. 

As a Muslim woman, I feel quite free. It is the extremists that give us a bad name. If you read Quran, women have just as many rights as men. I pray for the women in the countries run by extremists, especially those who have been brainwashed into thinking that their violent behavior is what God wants. The Islam they claim to follow and practice is warped. Islam is a religion of peace. They are using the name of God for an agenda that is entirely their own. 

Please do not lump all of us together.

I have yet to get a response. I honestly do not think that she expected to see that response. I'm surprised I was not attacked by other people. 

Yes, I am a Muslim woman. I am quite proud even though I do not throw the fact around. It is frankly none of anyone's business. 

I do not feel oppressed by having to wear hijab. I feel oppressed because I cannot wear it. I live in such a hostile environment that I am afraid to wear hijab in public out of fear that someone will harm me without thinking twice because I am different

Just like many devout Christians who read their Bible daily, I read Quran. Just like anyone else who prays when they need guidance or feel fear, I do the same as well. There is no difference. The only difference that hate mongers like to see is I call my God by a different name. 

I may not be the model Muslim woman, though I recognize that we are all creatures of God, that we are human and deserve to be treated as such. No one deserves to be treated as a second class citizen for something as simple as their religion or their skin color. We all deserve the same right to education, to freedom. 

It seems that so many people that I have encountered on Facebook lately only think that the freedom that we are guaranteed in the Constitution is only for those who are white and Christian. 

All labels aside, I am human. I bleed, I feel, I love. Encountering such ignorance on a daily basis hurts me. 

All one can do is pray for strength, I suppose. 

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  1. Oh sweetie you are so brave and amazing and this post and you actitude is proof of that. I feel happy for follow to someone with such deep and sincere beliefs as you.



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