19 August 2015

Better Sleep Naturally

I've always had problems sleeping. Once I hit middle school, my entire sleeping pattern changed all by itself. I can remember being little and watching Beverly Hills 90210 at nine, and then always falling asleep during the intro to Melrose Place at ten. Never fail.

My sleeping problems began when I was thirteen. I can remember staying up late reading and wanting to sleep most of the morning.

After a terrible two weeks of insomnia my senior year of high school where I didn't sleep for four days I finally started looking into sleep aids.

I remember the night so vividly, the night I finally fell asleep on my own, and my friend Rome showed up at like 11PM with a bottle of a natural sleep aid.

I was so pissed. Once I was awake, I was awake, sleep aids or not.

Eventually they started to work. 

For weeks I relied on it before I just transitioned myself into the weirdo sleep schedule by taking a second shift (2PM to 11PM) shift at Walmart. I could stay up half of the night and it wouldn't hurt anything as I didn't have to work until late into the afternoon.

Then came kids.

It felt like, for years, I could never get a decent night's sleep. All of you parents out there know exactly what I'm talking about!

Ten years later and I still hadn't been getting proper sleep.

I have tried everything, from Valerian extract (which does help relax) to taking antihistamines because my doctor wouldn't give me an actual sleep aid.

What is terrible is most of the antihistamines and things like NyQuil or Unisom tend to leave me with what I can only describe as a sleeping pill hangover. And those are no bueno.

Then I discovered Berry Sleepy and fell in love instantly. 

This product is 100% natural fruit and non habit forming, which for a former addict like me is where it's at. 

There are only three ingredients in this supplement: goji berry, passion fruit, and tart cherry. 

Goji berry has magnesium and thiamin, which reduces the time it takes for you to fall asleep. 

Passion fruit has serotonin, a very mild sedative to support regulating your sleep. 

Tart cherry has melatonin in it, which helps to regulate sleeping patterns. 

Just take two pills thirty minutes before you go to bed. 

I will admit, I was rather skeptical at first. Most natural sleep aids don't do much for me other than provide deep relaxation. 

Within half an hour of adding these to my usual night time medicine routine I was relaxed enough to head off into sleepyland all by myself. 

I also have a really difficult time staying asleep. Any disturbances in my sleep environment will wake me up, from dim lights to noise. 

With Berry Sleepy, I actually slept completely through the night. I was blown away to know that I could actually sleep completely through the night instead of waking up every few hours to curse at the clock. 

I also did not experience any sort of drowsiness the next morning. 

Usually, with any other pharm sleep aid I will wake up the next morning feeling hung over, like I'd been steamrolled. 

There was none of that feeling with this product. I was so happy! 

I actually wake up feeling super refreshed, and earlier than I would have if I had taken some other sleep aid that uses heavy drug to make you pass out. 

What is even better is I didn't sleep so heavy that if the kids came in and needed something that I would sleep through it. I would be able to get up and then go right back to sleep with ease after the midnight crisis was handled. 

Added to my usual routine of keeping a cold room and sleeping with a sleep mask, this product really helped me get the sleep that my body needed.

If you want to try this product for yourself, you can find it on Amazon.com

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions on the product are my own.


  1. I'm always so excited when I hear about natural remedies working! It's really the only way I like taking medicines anymore because everything else always has worse side effects then what it's supposed to be helping. I don't have too much trouble sleeping these days apart from my dog waking me up 20 times through out the night, though I'm sure that's something no amount of sleep aid can help haha ;)


  2. I need that product on my life!



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