26 August 2015

Etude House Curl Fix! Mascara Review

I have been dying to try this mascara. After seeing the commercials and doing a little research it looked like it was going to be so damn fantastic that I'd never use another mascara again. I apologize in advance - the song is really catchy and it gets stuck in my head and I have a sinking feeling that you will suffer the same fate after watching this. 

After seeing the brush and how nice their lashes looked I knew I wanted to try it. I have never had a mascara applicator that looked like that before. 

The packaging itself is much more mature compared to most of their other packaging, which is more princess like (because I am a princess, damn it).

So according to their website the brush is to be used in two steps.

The flat side combs through lashes so they curl easier, and the curved side curls the lashes. 

Source: http://roseys.storenvy.com/

 I can definitely tell a difference in how my lashes look afterward. They are already fairly full, but this product made them even fuller. 

As you can see in the picture, it also adds tons of length to my lashes. I knew they would make my lashes curl. I had no idea that they would extend my lashes so much. This is without using a lash curler or my lash extensions. Just Curl Fix.

I also put it on my bottom lashes. They are usually invisible, but this made them pop!

The only thing I really don't like about this product is the fact that it does clump if you aren't careful. If you do follow the two steps you have to act fast. The first coat will dry and then you'll end up with clumps and you'll have to separate with a lash comb or your tool of choice.

As you can see, I did end up with some clumping, only because I couldn't get yesterday's product completely off!

The bottom lashes are a fresh coat entirely. I just used the flat side on those because I didn't want the look to go too extreme. I usually don't put mascara on my bottom lashes so I think they look strange. What do you think?

To be honest, I think this mascara is great for every day if you just use the flat side, but if you want more drama you can always do the second side for extreme curled lashes. I really like the way it goes on and how it makes my lashes look and feel. 

As strange as it is to say this, they almost feel like they have a rubber coating on them. Would rubber be the right comparison? They are bouncy if you touch them, and offer a bit more resistance than your naked lashes would. In a way they almost feel heavy in certain circumstances. I was cooking earlier and I could feel my lashes. Saying it out loud sounds utterly ridiculous. 

Even without any other makeup on, I really feel that they make my eyes pop like it's nobody's business. 

This is also a peek at my new work space! Better lighting, better area to work and sit. You'll get a peek at that in a later post <3

The only downside to this is when they say waterproof, it's bloody waterproof. 

I smeared it on my arm earlier and I've been going about my day since then. I've washed my hands and arms multiple times. I've rubbed on this with a baby wipe. And makeup wipe. It does not smudge or move. I suppose that is good news rather than bad. 

After baby wipe and repeated washing. 
So the picture above is about six to seven hours after being put on there. 

And this is after using my DHC cleansing oil and a pretty good bit of scrubbing. 

I'm actually letting the oil soak on there now to see if I can get the remainder off, but this doesn't bode well for my eyes. To get the remainder off I had to let the oil sit there. I don't necessarily like using cleansing oil on my eyes because afterward my eyes remain very blurry for a while. I generally use it if I'm going to bed right afterward. My eyes are already blurry enough as it is without glasses, that added to it is insane scary blurry, almost like how your eyes see after spending an entire day swimming in a chlorinated pool. 

So, let's get onto a quick summary, just in case you didn't fully read my novel: 

- Curls like a dream
- Goes on smooth
- Totally waterproof
- Defines lashes like nobody's business

- Does not come off without a good remover
- Clumps if you don't act fast

All in all, I'd say that this mascara is a total toot! Like a tooty toot toot.

This mascara comes in four shades: black, pink, burgundy, and brown.

Mine came in the Open Your Eyes kit, but by itself you can get it from Etude House for $14.40. Right now, there is a deal where you buy one and get an eye makeup remover for free. I get why you'll need it!

Have you tried this mascara before? If you did, what did you think? 

If you've tried it, can you offer tips on how to get this off comfortably? 

Love yer faces!


  1. thanke you for the review =D


  2. Yayy... This is a must try! I always want to wear a waterproof mascara, and I guess this one turns me on hihi.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, hun

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

    1. You must! I have never used a mascara that worked this well.

  3. I have super straight eye lashes which no eye lash curler can fix so may have to try this! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Lotté | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I bet this would do it. My sister's lashes don't curl well unless she uses the curler several times, and with this it curled her lashes no problem. It also made them stand out so much. Even if it doesn't curl like it should, you'll still have the best waterproof mascara ever.

  4. i want to try this~ but the way you described the texture sounds a bit weird haha but i guess maybe thats why its super waterproof or something
    the wand it really interesting though~

    1. It is weird, but if you don't touch your lashes you'll be fine! I have this weird thing about touching my lashes and face even though I know it's bad for you.

      I love the wand. It feels so much different than most of the mascara wands I've ever used. I found it's easier to get down to the base of my lashes. I've also found it's easier to stab myself in the eye. It burns. A lot.

  5. I think I've heard so much about this mascara, it sounds really interesting! Rubbery feeling, hehe... I REALLY WANT TO TRY THE PINK MASCARA! :O OMG.
    Junniku blog!

    1. It is the strangest feeling, but I probably shouldn't be touching my lashes. I can say my lashes looked amazing for a few days until it all finally came off!

  6. The fact that this comes in pink makes me want it sooooo bad ugh! But waterproof mascara is such a horror to me and the fact that this is like, bulletproof makes me super nervous to try it haha.


    1. The black is the only one that is super waterproof. I think the pink and maroon aren't, so you should be able to get them off easily. I've seen the pink in action and it's so vivid!


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