25 August 2015

Etude House Haul #2 + First Impressions

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm a total Etude House whore. 

My last haul I fell in love with the products so much that I had another small shopping spree. 

Item 1

This was the main reason for my haul. I have heard all sorts of great things about the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. 

What I like about this product is it has an illuminator right inside the cushion. 


They had a promotion going that if you bought any of their cushions, you'd get two extra sponges for free. This is a godsend to me because I don't like using a dirty sponge. This will give me a chance to clean one and still have one in my compact!

First Impression: You must have a primer with this product, or else it will easily get cakey. My sister said my face also had a violet tinge when I was in dim lighting. 

Items 2 and 3

I also wanted to get something from the Bling Me Prism line. Unfortunately, most of the things I wanted were completely sold out. Wah!

They did have nail polish, which is something that I love to bits. I couldn't decide between the purple and blue so I snagged both!

If you're following my insta, you an see I've already used the purple and it looks fabulous. 

First Impression: Goes on incredibly smooth! It also dries very fast, which is good if you're on the go. I did the purple on my fingers and blue on my toes. As always, fingers already have a few chips, and toes will probably last a millennium. 

Products 4, 5, 6 and 7

I also decided that I really wanted to get the Open Your Eyes kit, which is a fantastic deal since it's on sale right now. For what you're getting, it is a bargain. 

Of course the star of this show is the Curl Fix! mascara. 


The wand has two sides and technically two steps. The wider bristles are great for a basic lash look, but the curved side really ups up the volume.  

There is also this gel style pencil liner in black. 

There are also two shimmery eye shadows, one in brown and one in orange. 

I've never really done the whole orange/coral thing so I have no idea how this is going to look on me. Either way, I have a nice addition to my vanity area. 

First Impression: The gel liner goes on incredibly smooth, much smoother than my usual brown liner from It's Skin. The Curl Fix mascara is the ish, just very hard to remove, and I haven't tried the shadows yet.

Product 8

To make sure I would have at least one shadow that was flattering, I also picked up a matte brown. 

First Impression: The color of this product is very rich, so it can be a little easy to get heavy handed with it if you're not careful. It's very long lasting, I wore it all day, and easy to blend out.

Product 9

My Chica y Chico Beta-Salic cream exfoliates already so I didn't need anything that was too excessive so I chose the whipping foam from the Wonder Pore line. 

I don't know what I thought I was getting, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got this product that feels like something shaving foam would come in. 

First Impression: I am in love with this facial wash. It's a double tasker, as you can do it as a regular cleanser or you can wear it as a mask up to twice a week to really deep clean your pores. I used it last night when I got the package and this morning, and my skin feels baby soft. 

One of my favorite parts of the haul was this drinking glass!

If you spend $50 or more, you get this lovely glass as a free gift. 

I drink a lot of water, and this makes me feel pretty while drinking! Sounds really silly, I know, but I adore it. In addition to my app that I use to keep track of my water use, I actually want to drink more because of this adorable glass.

There were only 500 made, so if you want to get one act before they are gone!

This wasn't from Etude House, but it did arrive at the same time and it is made by Etude House. 

It's the Lovely Etti headband! 

I looked all over the place for this and almost everyone was sold out completely. I lucked out when I found an Amazon retailer that had it. 

I was really beginning to get worried because I'm an obsessive package tracker, to the point that I get text alerts from the USPS, and this one had a tracking number that both the USPS and the Korea Post said was invalid. I was terrified that they had just taken my money and put in a false tracking number, because when you sell on Amazon you won't get your payment until you've entered a tracking number for the recipient.

I even moaned to my postwoman about it, and low and behold it arrived the same day!

So that was my haul!

Have you used any of these products? 

What did you think of them?

Stay tuned for a full review of each product in the haul as I work them into my nightly routine!

As always, I always appreciate any thoughts and comments you may have, and don't forget to subscribe!

Love yer faces!


  1. Hehe, I have that cat head band too and I never wanna take it off :D

    This looks like a great haul! I've tried the other cushion before, the one without the white illuminator in it, so I can't wait to see what you think of this one. :)

    1. I never want to take mine off, either! My brother came by today after I had washed my face and asked what the hell I was wearing xD

      I'm not so sure about the cushion. I will probably have to get a setting powder or maybe even try oil absorbing sheets because it came off as very oily looking. The dewy skin trend is one thing but it makes me look like an oil slick. I'm going to have to use it a few more times and hopefully master using it so it looks natural.

  2. Cute haul! I also love EH, can't beat the prices ^^. I actually didn't like their any cushions at all, they were way too pale for me and kinda greasy! I love the eyeshadows you picked up too, I adore the coral and orange trend, you should try it out soon!

    1. I love their prices. It gets me what I need and leaves me money left to splurge on special pieces form places like Tatcha!

      I found that the cushion was rather greasy, too. I'm hoping that maybe I can do like I do with their Sunprise Essence sunscreen and use an oil sheet to get rid of the greasies. I've already got oily skin to begin with so it made me look even oilier when I tried it yesterday.Either that or I need to pick up some no sebum powder. Luckily the color worked great for me since my skin is so light.

      I can't wait to try the coral eyeshadow! I'm going to try to recreate the coral look from their Bling Me Prism lookbook. I probably should have grabbed a coral lip color to match ^^

  3. Awww Etude House products always look so cute >w< I really love this brand :)
    And your cat ears are so cute too !!

    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/

  4. I love Wonder Pore whipping foam. The foam is just unique unlike any other cleansing foam :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  5. nice haul!! i really want to try the wonder pore range so badly! :( but i already spent my shopping budget on clothes :x noooo

  6. Love the haul! And LOVE LOVE those Etti headbands, I actually have 2! :'D They're so cute omfg I want more. Idk why. But I want mooreeee.
    Junniku blog!

  7. Oh my god I love it all the products



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