12 August 2015

Hair Color Adventures: Etude House Hot Style Cream Hair Color

My hair has taken a lot of crap over the past few months. After trying to dye my ends purple and ending up with this weird red thing going on, I've been trying to dye it back to it's normal color. The last one I used was from Confume and I ran out of color so my hair was patchy. 

When I did my Etude House haul I picked up some of their Hot Style Cream Color because they said it was good for grays, which I have in abundance. I figured I could use the rest of the color, after I hit my grays, on the ends of my hair to get rid of the patchy red brown junk.

This is the color itself. It's priced very decently in my opinion. It is just about the same price level as a Garnier or L'oreal at $9.10 USD. 

Inside the kit, though, is much different than what I'm used to when it comes to home hair coloring kits. 

Just look at all of that stuff. You definitely don't get that in kits here. 

This kit came with color plus an activator (the two bottles), an applicator comb plus a tiny brush for the little hairs that come in around your face, a pair of really good gloves, a cape, and a little packet of Silky Perfumed Treatment.

Reading through the directions, it sounded rather complicated. When you apply the color, you apply a strip of each the color and the activator down the sides of the plastic comb/brush in a one to one ratio. 

I kept thinking that doing this over and over again was not only going to be a tedious process, but take bleedin forever

Not so. 

While it did take a bit longer with the added step of having to repeat stripes on the comb, the process didn't really take much longer than using something like a bubble color or your standard cream color in the bottle applicator. 

This was also extremely clean. 

When I do my hair I end up with brown everywhere. My ears, my shoulders, my arms, you name it.  I never use the capes, they are bothersome and get hot fast when you don't have a house with aircon in all rooms.

After I got all of the color in, I slapped my hair into a couple of buns to wait out my time.

This formula is no drip, which is fantastic. It doesn't help that I actually ran out of color toward the end, so I still have patches. Moral of the story: when you have super long hair get two boxes. I wasn't thinking when I ordered it.

After ten to fifteen minutes, you wash it out. 

It was a bit difficult to get my hair back out of the buns because the color dried in a strange way. 

It doesn't help matters that I forgot to put my timer on and had to go by an instagram photo I posted to calculate about how long I'd had it in. 

After you wash it out, you put in the Silk Perfumed Treatment and let that sit for about five minutes. Again, long hair problem, didn't have enough of it to go around completely. 

I will say that the treatment smells absolutely amazing. It reminded me of a plumeria soap that I used to use as a teenager. The smell even lingered after that had set and I'd washed it out. 

That stuff is no joke. After I dried my hair, my hair felt so silky smooth and much nicer than it had before I colored. 

And here is the after!

The box says the color is blackish brown, but even when I buy things that say blackish brown or dark brown it always comes up black on me. 

This color was a lot of fun to use, and much easier than I thought it would be. I may or may not use it again, simply because I prefer bubble color  over a cream. 

This product is a definite toot!

The only bad thing was I got my phone case stained. RIP cute phone case.

Have you tried this product before? 

What's your favorite home hair color? 


  1. I'm glad it came out looking so good! Its definitely an intriguing product since its nothing like what they sell in most stores here, and I love how much they include in the box vs. what most brands usually give you. The no mess thing is such a huge plus for me too since I'm the exact same way and end up with dye on my floor, back, toilet cover, sink JUST EVERYWHERE. I may have to check out some of the colors to see if its something I could try out next hair session!


    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that ends up with dye everywhere. The last time, when I did purple, I had purple everywhere. Some of my grout in my shower is still purple and it won't come up, even with peroxide.

      Honestly, I don't think you will find many colors in the cream like this. I've looked all over the place for other colors. I ordered that one because it's my natural color so I didn't think twice about it.

      They do have a bubble color line with a whole range of very pretty colors. I've had great success with Confume's bubble color line so I don't see why this wouldn't be comparable, and possibly better. I don't make as much of a mess with the bubble color. This cream, though. It stayed wherever I put it. Like magic.

  2. i never see and never know if etude house having a product for hair coloring as well..
    congrats for the new hair :D

    1. Yes! Their bubble hair colors are much more popular. I'm going to try one of those next time!

  3. Apply strip by strip does sound really tedious D: luckily it wasn't so bad in your experience!
    Buying even 2 boxes is never really enough though, when I had long hair, I had to buy 3 boxes :(
    The saddest part was my hair didn't even touch my butt haha it was just at my waist!
    I wonder if they sell the treatment separately~ would love to try it!

    1. Oh my goodness! Even with my hair as long as it is I've never had to use three boxes! Poor thing! So far I've been really lucky with the Korean colors. When I used the Confume color I surprisingly only had to use one box, even though I got two just to be safe.

      I was surprised how neat the application of this dye was. The only hand that truly took any casualty from color was my left hand because that was the hand I was using to apply the dye. I used the comb from the box or my wide tooth with my other hand so it never really got dirty. It didn't drip or stain anything which is a bonus. Except for my poor cute phone case.

      I have been searching for the treatment by itself. So far, I haven't found it. I'm surprised that the Etude House website doesn't carry it, but they also don't carry a lot of their products that I've seen elsewhere. You'd think that the official site would have it all, right? If you manage to find it let me know!

  4. Hi! Thank you for your review of this product. I had a few questions for you. How many washes/how long did this product last before your roots began to show? Do you have any idea about the color ingredients of this product? I had read on another product website that if you are allergic to Black Henna Temporary tattoos not to use this product.

    1. I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to you!

      I had no allergy issues at all. I can't read Korean so I have no clue what is in the ingredients, though I'm sure if you head over to the Asian Beauty reddit and asked there is someone there who could lead you in the right direction.

      As far as lasting power, it depends on how fast your hair grows. I had about six weeks before my grey roots started to show in. That is about standard for me when it comes to hair color. When I have color that can wash out, I only wash my hair three times a week and deep condition when I do to make sure the color will last as long as I can make it, and keep the color radiant.


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