18 August 2015

Song of the Night + A Cause

It's been a while since I've posted one of these!

Tonight's song is close to my heart because it's for a good cause: for AIDS patients. I've been very touched by this horrid disease. I've known many who are pos, I've also lost a few really good friends due to complications. 

Alaska and Willam were promoting the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride to End AIDS. It is a seven day ride from SanFran to Los Angeles to raise awareness and donations for those who have HIV/AIDS.

Registration for 2016 is already open! If you are in Cali, be a do gooder and help our friends who are pos. 

As I'm all the way on the other side of the country I'll definitely be donating to the cause. 

I grew up in the era of the AIDS epidemic of the 80s and early 90s. 

In the 80's, it was considered a gay disease, even though IV drug users could easily contract the disease as well as people who had blood transfusions in like Ryan White due to shoddy testing of blood hemoglobin and plasma taken from places like blood banks.

I vividly remember always seeing commercials on television about using protection to prevent disease. Sex ed for us was more concerned about preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS than it was preventing things like pregnancy. 

To get an idea of the environment of the time, here is a video about that. 

This post ended up being much longer than I had anticipated. 

I'm extremely passionate about this cause. When you really think about it, you think "oh, this can't happen to me" or "this won't touch me", but it might. I have lost too many to just say that this isn't a cause that isn't worthy of the attention of the world, just as cancer awareness or awareness of poverty and starvation of those in third world countries. 

While I cannot find the whole movie on Youtube, look for The Ryan White Story. It will really give you an idea of the stigma that went along with having HIV/AIDS. Dallas Buyer's Club is also a really good one to look at. 

Have a great night, everyone, and I'll see you later!

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