17 August 2015

Win or Fail? Hair Edition

Lately Korean dramas have really been my thing. I don't see a lot of American shows that compare, that tell an entire story in the amount of episodes that would usually consist of one season of an American show. Right now none of my regular shows are on (damn you summer!). RuPaul's Drag Race ended in a really crappy way this season, and I've got to wait until October for American Horror Story and Walking Dead though I'm probably not going to watch this season - the second half of last season lost me.To me the characters are going way too far from what they were when they started and it almost feels like the writers have made the leaps too quickly. It's like reading OOC fanfiction. Really bad OOC fanfiction. 


Two of my favorite shows right now are Sensory Couple and Oh My Ghostess. Since watching them, there is always something I've wanted to do with my hair - kinda kink looking curls. 

I was inspired by Oh Cho Rim from Sensory Couple and Shin Soon Ae from Oh My Ghostess.

Oh Cho Rim

Shin Soon-Ae
Achieving this look is rather easy, or so I thought. 

Last night after my shower I did my hair in a few braids, three on each side of my head and then one down the back (thanks to the handy dandy braiding hands of my boyfriend). I didn't tie them off at the top, just at the ends.

I didn't use any styling products in my hair because it holds style very well if it dries that way thanks to all of the damage it's taken from coloring and bleaching, but if your hair doesn't hold styles so well I'd recommend running a mousse through it before you braid, or even spraying a little hairspray on the braids once you have them set the way you want them.

After 12 hours or so, I took them out this morning while I was having coffee. 

And I look like a damn cocker spaniel. 

Cropped to remove unnecessary boobage.

Check out that resemblance! 

This is from a few hours of letting it sit and fall out a little bit.

From some angles, I look like Weird Al.

And holding it out of my face with a clip, which soon fell out because I have too much freakin hair.

My boyfriend and my sister love it.

I still think I look like a cocker spaniel and didn't achieve the look I was going for. 

I think next time I'm going to do larger braids, like two on each side and then one in the back to give the kinks more body so they look like a wave instead of this kinky mess I have for hair currently. 

At least it will wash out when I wash my hair!

So, what do you think? 

Is this a hair win or an epic fail? 

Tell me in the comments box!

See ya soon!


  1. Wow you are right about having mermaid hair, it's gorgeous!! I loled at the cocker spaniel comparison, cocker spaniels are super cute though hehe. I like your hair this way, if I tried to do that it would turn out frizzy and horrible!

    1. Thank you! Both me and my boyfriend have the super long hair, haha.

      I honestly felt like a cocker spaniel or Weird Al at first. Once the kinks started to loosen it looked much better XD

      I'm sure if you wanted to try it, all you'd have to do is put an anti-frizz product in first when you do the braids, like Frizz Ease. I have a serum that I use, a shine serum from Garnier, that I put in whenever I do styles like that. I generally prefer heat tools because I'm impatient and the serum helps separate the curls and make them have much more life and less frizz.


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