07 August 2015

Wishtrend August Coupon Codes Are Here!

Where has the summer gone? One moment school is out, and now it's almost time for the kids to go back to school again. 

I hear that collective cheering from the stay at home moms out there!

There is another thing to be excited about - Wishtrend's August coupon codes have arrived!

This month, if you spend $55 or more, use the code WISHAUG2015 to get 10% off of your order.

Use code WISHGIFTAUG2015 and get one free Cosrx Embo Cotton Puff on any order.

These puffs are amazing for applying toner or other moisturizers. They are fluffy, soft, and a real treat to add to your beauty routine. 

Don't forget about the free shipping zone! 

What are you waiting for? Update your back to school makeup collection with Wishtrend!


  1. awesome!
    can we follow each other for keep in touch ?
    let me know and I will follow you back inmediately with pleasure:)

    have an inspiring day :*

  2. Those cottons look like they're worth making any impulse purchase just to get them :)) I'm conflicted though. I feel so wasteful and ecologically unfriendly when I use 'nice' cotton rounds. So I just try to stick to thin, ratty ones. I'M WEIRD.

    1. To me, it's nice to have that extra little splurge every now and again.

      I won't lie - I used to splurge every now and again on the Chanel cottons. At $20 USD for a box of 100 it was rather excessive as I could have just purchased them at my local dollar store. I generally only did that once a year, though, as a treat yo self moment. Gotta treat yourself every now and again!

      I was worried about the eco side, too, but I rationalized it this way: those pads are completely biodegradable. I also don't use coffee filters. Trade off, I suppose?


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