28 November 2015

Dolla Dolla Makes Me Holla!

So in my post yesterday, I mentioned that I had gotten a bunch of higher priced makeup at my local Dollar Tree for only a dollar. Yeah. One dollar. Four quarters. Ten dimes. An assload of pennies.

I am not posting all of my haul here because some of it is going to be part of a gift for my step-daughter and I don't want her nosy butt to see ^^ I also gave some stuff to my sister because the colors simply didn't look right on me.

I apologize in advance for my crappy photos - my phone took a poopie and now I'm stuck with a pretty junk LG phone that only has a 5 megapixel camera. BF was supposed to get me a new one yesterday on Black Friday but the only ones in our price range weren't much better than this one that I have. Wah!

So here are seventeen of the things that I got.

As you can see, some of these brands are really freakin good. 

I'm going to start with the nail products, because I'm a nail polish whore. 

I haven't really gotten into the nail lacquer sheets because I always screw them up. I've tried several brands, from Sally Hansen (those were ok) to OPI (which were expensive and didn't give me the payoff that I had hoped for). Since these were only a dollar, I grabbed five total. 

Since I have experience with the Sally Hansen, I picked up two of them. 

These are the Salon Effects in Thread Lightly. If you get them in the drugstore, you would pay between $4.99 and $6.99. 

There are 18 total stickers in the pack, which is good if you're not the best at applying these. They also come in a range of sizes so you can perfectly match them to your nails. 

The lace is very girly. I got them with the Christmas holidays in mind. I plan on putting on a layer of my favorite red polish (which is China Glaze's Red Pearl at the moment) and then adding the lace. If it doesn't look right, I have a second package to do just natural nail with lace on top. I think that would be a little boring lah.

They also had a small selection of Essie nail stickers. I was disappointed that they didn't have the polishes, but the nail stickers are super pretty. 

The pack on the left is called "love to love you" and on the right is "shoot for the moon". I fell in love with the love to love you because I'm a huge nerd for books. I wanted to get two, just in case I screw up, but they only had one of those and a ton of the shoot for the moon. They also had another design that I'll share later - it's destined for my tiny human's use. 

These, like the Sally Hansen, have 18 stickers in each pack, but these are UV cured while the others are not. Since they are UV cured that means that they are supposed to last longer and they also have a high gloss. We will see when I get around to using these!

In the drugstore, you'll pay $10.99 for these. That's so much more! 

I spent almost twenty minutes just looking at the nail polishes, just to get one color each of the stuff they had. The prettier polishes were scarce so I had to do a lot of digging to find what I did. 

This is from Revlon's Brilliant Strength line, which I didn't think they even made anymore - could be why it's in the dollar tree. 

From left to right: Dominate, Beguile, Enthrall

Dominate is a very chocolate brown, which I think I'm going to give to my grandmother because she loves darker browns and mauve shades.
I really love Beguile. It looks almost like a holographic blue in the bottle. When it's on it looks blue and green and a ton of different colors in that color family depending on which way you look at the nail. I put it on last night and I've washed dishes and clean - no chips! That is always a huge bonus in my eyes. 

Enthrall is a lovely bronzey gold glitter shade. I haven't tried it yet, though I plan to use it in nail art rather than wearing it as a straight polish color. I think Beguile will look better as a part of a nail art color, too.  

The drugstore price for these is around $7. 

I was also thrilled to find these Maybelline Color Show polishes. Unfortunately they had been all but picked through. 

The yellow/white is called Canary, and the holographic color is Alluring Rose. It looks much more golden in the bottle than it does when it's on. It's almost a soft glitter rose when it's on. Very lovely. 

I figured since the canary is a whiter shade rather than yellow I will use it as parts for nail art. It comes out almost creme. 

These will run you between $4 and $5 in a drugstore. 

While these aren't higher end, they do have a small selection of deco polishes. 

They allow you to get a fine line or even a thicker one like I did above. I can't handle the brushes very well yet since I generally use dotting tools or tape for guides when I do lines. 

In a drugstore you can get them for just under $2, but at my Dollar Tree they always have a collection available for just a dollar a bottle. Savings!

My last nail buy was a file block. 

At Sally Beauty they wanted almost $5 for the same style block. Too much!

I also got some other various makeups. 

I'm a sucker for smoky eye tools, and this Master Smoky from Maybelline has everything all in one tool. 

The color end is more like a chunky crayon. The other end is a smudger. 

The colors are rather dark, which makes sense since they are smoky. 

One really good perk: they are hard to get off. I used makeup remover and I still have a little mark from the swatches. 

These are around $7 in a drugstore. 

I have always loved the Color Tattoo line that Maybelline has out, so I did a happy dance when I found these. 

I had to actually hunt to even find them, so good go Dollar Tree stocker!

From left to right the colors are Downtown Brown, Never Fade Jade, and Breaking Bronze.

I expected something like the L'oreal infallible powder, with a little press, but these have a little shaker thing. 

I won't lie - I'll probably end up taking this thing out. It makes it a little difficult to get the color out. 

There is a saving grace, though: this product is HIGHLY pigmented. A little goes a very long way with this product. The color saturation is amazing.

This is without flash.

And with.

I love the shimmers in Breaking Bronze! 

The drugstore price of these pigments is around $6.

Even though I don't do blush very often I couldn't pass up picking up this cream blush by e.l.f. 

This shade is called Superstar. 

The product itself is very rich and creamy, very highly pigmented. 

The downside? It's not quite the same color that you see in the tube. 

Judging by how thick this is, I'd definitely say that this is a little goes a long way sort of product. 

The drugstore price of this product is $3. 

I also picked up an elf lippie in almost the same color as the blush. The color on the box was very misleading and it turned out to be much redder than pink. It looked better on my sister than it did me so she left with that. 

So for this haul that I've shown, I paid roughly $18 with tax. 

Had I gotten it all at the drugstore, I would have paid $105 without tax. 

Isn't that crazy!

So if you have a Dollar Tree in your area, hit it up. You might just get lucky and end up with some drugstore makeup for next to nothing. 

Remember: Dollar Tree takes coupons, so if you have coupons you may end up with them paying you to shop there!

What are your best Dollar Store finds? 

I love swapping getting cheap stuff and swapping stories!


  1. The cream blush looks great! But I don't really prefer the nail stickers LOL. it just look odd and not natural on nails :(


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