29 November 2015

It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday!

It's been so relaxing. I normally clean house all day, so I took the day and gamed all day long. 

I have been working on completing my FFX and I managed to get all of Wakka's reels and a trophy for learning all of Kimhari's overdrives. 

I won't lie - I spent the last six hours gaming. Hard. 

My sister came by and left me the most beautiful cuff. 

She weaved this by hand. If you want to see more of her work, you can find it at The Forward Knot on Facebook.

We are going to have a family game night after my bf finishes cooking dinner. My mother got me Monopoly so we are going to see how quickly family game night can turn into a family feud. 

To top it off, the mid season finale of The Walking Dead comes on tonight, so it's like I'm getting a birthday prezzie from my favorite show!

I'm just glad that my birthday hasn't sucked, like it has in years past. I'm either always sick or some kind of dumb friend drama comes up. It's been an incredibly good day.

I've also decided to get my first tattoo! I won't reveal it until I've actually gotten it done, if I have the balls to go through with it ^^ I'm going to get it when my bf goes to finish off the color on his thigh piece. Hopefully I won't back out like a sissy xD

See you later!


  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you're having a great day, you really can't beat nights at home with a new episode of a good show and some family time :) By the way, you should totally go through with the tattoo! I got my first one when I was 16 and almost backed out but it wasn't too bad at all, the finished product is well worth the few minutes of pain :D


    1. Today has been amazing! I ended up owning everyone in Monopoly. Don't negotiate with a woman who nearly finished business school before switching to med. The entire family ended up quitting because I had them by the balls. We totally missed tonight's TWD. After reading the spoilers on tumblr, I'm kind of glad I did.

      I am going to take my anxiety meds before I hit the tattoo chair. I want two simple arrows, one on each arm, with some sort of flower. I'm thinking either orange blossoms or Cherokee roses to keep me tied with my southern roots. I'm definitely going to have to discuss it with my artist.

  2. Hi dear!!! happy birthday!!! your blog is really cute !!! would you like to follow each other ?? follow me and I will follow you with pleasure . see you soon


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