15 February 2016

Etude House Haul + Tatcha Sunrise Lipstick

I've started to run out of things that I need, so was time to reorder necessities!

That led to a little Etude House haul, plus a fantastic gift from my boyfriend.

First, let's have a little story time!

Apparently the USPS isn't tracking packages from Korea anymore here in the US. Once it's left Korea, the package is completely under the radar until it reaches you, or until you get pissed off and call the post office and have them track it for you.

I placed this order on January 27th. I knew it would take a few days to get shipped, and it could end up getting caught in the hustle and bustle of the Seollal, which I figured was the case when the last I could track it was on the 5th via Korea Post. 

Then nada on the USPS tracking, even when it showed it had made it out of Korea.

Then there was panic.

I broke down and called the post office and it had been in the States for days, and arrived the next day. Apparently it takes a detour to Moscow before hitting New York. I wonder if they take the same route for items going to the west coast of the US. 

Moral of the story is if you order a package from Korea and cannot track it in the US, don't panic and call your post office and they will track it down for you. All you have to do is provide them with the tracking number.

Etude Haul

Anyhooo, I picked up some necessities plus some things I'd been wanting to try. 

The main reason for this order was hair color. I've used Etude hair color before, only the cream color and not the bubble color. I picked up three boxes because of how long my hair was. My sister trimmed almost four inches off so I gave her a box since I imagined then I'd only need two. Turns out I only needed one! Now I have a backup ^^

The only downside to this is the dark brown didn't turn black like the cream version did, so I have chocolate roots, a bunch of black in the middle, and then chocolate ends. 

It seriously doesn't look too bad. I'll post pictures of my cut and dye later.

Because I wanted free shipping, I added three boxes of puffs to my order. I also needed to replace the box that one of my kids dropped into the toilet - no one will fess up to that one. I got both the silky and one with hearts on it. Also gave one of these to my sister since I had two of the silky type. 

These are moderately inexpensive at $3.30 a box for the silky cotton and $2.00 for the hearts. If you break it down it adds up to about four cents per puff. That is a lot cheaper than a lot of the puffs I've found here in the US, unless you shop at a dollar store and then the quality of the puffs isn't all that nice.

This was a product that I got in hopes it was similar to the perfumed treatment that comes with the hair dyes. I couldn't find the treatment in the shop, so I settled for this. 

After using it, I can definitely say it wasn't a matter of settling. My hair looked absolutely stunning and felt silky smooth even days after use. It's not often that I find something that tames my hair as well as this has done. 

It's got the consistency of a conditioner without being too heavy. After you wash or color your hair, put this in for five minutes and wash out. Perfectly smooth hair is revealed! If you blow dry on top of using this oh my blob, perfect hair forever.

I did end up finding the other treatment I was looking for on another site. Look for that in my upcoming post about my Jolse haul.

I'd been curious abut using a brush like this on my face yet I never did because I was a little afraid. My skin is rather delicate on my face, and will rip easily. I was surprised at how soft this brush is, and how it leaves my face feeling after using it with my Wonder Pore cleansing foam.

If you've used brushes in the past that were hard, don't be afraid of this little guy. It is so soft that I feared it wouldn't be effective. It is totally effective and worth every bit of the $6 I spent on it. 

This is another product I've been insanely curious about. The name threw me off (Baking Powder?) but after one use I'm fully in love. The main reason I chose this product was because I needed a nice exfoliating product that was gentle at the same time. 

The US has finally caught up with the rest of the world and has banned plastic microbeads.

Go USA for finally doing something right!

 One of my favorite face washes contains plastic microbeads as far as I know. It is one of the most gentle things I've ever used for an exfoliating acne product. I'm a little disappointed that it will be off of the market by 2017, but rather than stock up on them like I wanted to do I did the environmentally responsible thing and found something new. I also stopped using it.  

This line is formulated with baking powder (yeah, I got some into my mouth and I can taste that stuff) so it does a killer job of polishing without being too abrasive. I used it with my brush and the results were lovely. You have to make sure that you rinse very well or you will have gritty junk on your mug. I learned that the hard way when I went to use my toner and felt grit all over my face where I hadn't completely rinsed it off

Another perk: single use packets! It's a bit rougher on the environment, yet it's much easier if you are traveling, or if you want to keep them in your gym bag. It came in handy for me because I was able to more easily share with my sister. 

You're only supposed to use this once or twice a week, so this size pack will last for a while. Granted that I use other exfoliating products I'll probably use it even less, and just cycle it with my routine based on the weather or if my skin is acting up.

The last bit of the order had to be a nail color, because I'm obsessed with my nails and polishes of every color, particularly reds. 

This is a merlot shade that looks almost brown when on. You must use a top coat if you really want the reds to pop, otherwise it's rather dull. The formula is killer thick so I only needed to do one coat!


Because my boyfriend is the best, he's been spoiling the everloving shit out of me. He got me a new ring set to replace my last ring, which you can see on my instagram, a new phone (iPhone 5s - it was on sale for $150!), a nearly $200 haul from Jolse (which I am currently waiting on to be shipped), and this lipstick. 

This is a limited edition release from Tatcha, called Sunset. It's a plum pink that has been designed to be universally flattering on all skin tones. 

This is what Tatcha says about this lovely color:

Inspired by the iconic pink Japanese Plum Blossom peeking through a snowy Kyoto morning wrapped in golden light. Plum fruit and silk extracts richly hydrate lips.

I can definitely say that this color does not disappoint in color, hydration, or lasting power. 

I normally have problems finding a good pink in this shade that looks good on me, but Tatcha has solved this problem. I even felt amazing while I was wearing it. 

I hope that in the end they make this a permanent item like they did with their Kyoto Red, which is another staple of my makeup box. I ended up getting two of those last year. One went to, you guessed it, my sister. She's got more rosy tones to her skin compared to my cooler tones, and it looks great on both of us. I want to get her to try this one now so I can see more comparison.  

I'm finally starting to feel a little better depression wise, but I'm still battling a month long cold that has me deaf in one ear. Girl can't catch a damn break. 

I may be running a fever off and on, and I may be partially deaf, but I look damn good doing it. 

I may end up going to the ER, depending on how bad this gets, but it's not ER bad yet. Maybe doctor's appointment bad. And really irritating. 

I hope everyone had as amazing of a Valentine's Day as I did (holy shit, did you watch that episode of The Walking Dead? Talk to me, damn it!) and I'll see you later! 

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