05 February 2016

Vonnie Is Excited: Etude House Berry Delicious Collection

Etude House has really made this spring a happy one for me by releasing a strawberry themed collection.

The Berry Delicious collection has just been released in the past week or so. There was a special box released, a collab between Etude House and margarin fingers that sold out on Korea Depart with the quickness. I was so pissed when I missed it. To see that, and some amazing swatches, check out this amazing blog post.

I had been lusting after it since it popped up on Etude House's Korean website, from the images I'd seen from people living in Korea who got their hands on it, and the previews.

So a few nights ago (the 3rd) I went on their global site, thinking that maybe the products would be available to the international audience directly from Etude House (I'm picky about getting my Etude stuff from other sources). I was over the moon to see the products listed, but absolutely crushed when each item had these dreadful words printed underneath them: out of stock.

Reenactment of the moment.  

This same thing happened last collection, with the Bling Me Prism, and I was only able to get my hands on a few nail polishes and one liquid lip in a delightfully bright pink that is borderline garish (but I absolutely adore it) .

Mildly crushed, I closed the tab and spent the rest of my night watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.

Then, the next morning, out of curiosity, I decided to go to the site just to double check. Also because I'm a glutton for punishment and like to gaze at things that are just out of my reach.

I clicked on the "New" tab, and the best thing happened:

The items were there! Not the entire collection from the Korean site, but the items I wanted were there!

Reenactment of the dance I did - without the penis
I ordered what I wanted, plus a few other things to get free shipping. 

If you haven't' seen them, this is what had me so incredibly excited:

Source: etudehouse.co.kr
As you can see, everything is a fun strawberry theme, with tons of options for liquid lips, nail color, two different eye palettes, three different blushers, cushion compacts, lip care, body care, and a perfume.

What I Bought

Since my eyes are my favorite feature, I was over the moon with the palettes.

source: etudehouse.co.kr
 There are two different palettes available, Strawberry Mojito and Strawberry Fondue. The mojito didn't have as many colors as I'd use, so I picked the Fondue. 
source: etudehouse.co.kr
I have this thing for red eye shadow, I have since I was a teenager, so this seemed like the right pick for me because of Fresh Strawberry. The colors seem so rich with the brown bases that they look good enough to eat! Some days I don't like to line my eyes with harsh black, and I'm not very fond of brown liners, so I will use brown eye shadows to line my eyes. 

I'm already in love with their Curl Fix mascara, so I was super happy when they released new colors as a part of this collection. 

source: etudehouse.co.kr
They released another standard black as well as a Strawberry Choco Fondue brown. 

Since the brown is so lovely with a hint of red color, I ordered that one. 

I like browns when I want to be more casual than the black, which I love when I'm going for a more dramatic eye look.

I'm honestly not sure if this is waterproof, but I wouldn't be too put out if it wasn't. I forgot to order remover and their waterproof Curl Fix is so strong of a formula that my regular eye makeup remover will not touch it. 

I was also super excited about the liquid lips. I love their lipsticks, they just don't have the same versatility to me as their liquid lips do. 

Look at all of these beautiful colors~


I chose the GR701, which looks pastel green yet goes on pink. I saw a post by another blogger with a swatch and about lost it when I saw it. I had tried to get a similar color from the Bling Me Prism line yet I missed it, so this was a minor victory for me.

The nail collection is full of reds and pinks, with a few glitter colors.
source: etudehouse.co.kr

I picked up number 7 and number 10. I'm enchanted by green of any shade. 

What I Didn't Buy

While I sincerely considered getting the whole collection, I backed off because I only had $100. I only picked the things I absolutely knew I was going to use.

The items I purchased are things I use the most. The rest are just odds and ends to me, a splurge more than a must have. 

There is a lip jam, which looks like a pot gloss to me. 

Source: etudehouse.co.kr
This is also a treatment and a scrub, though I couldn't find much info about them. 

Source: etudehouse.co.kr
Scrub is pretty self explanatory, so I'm assuming there is strawberry seed or something else of the like in there for the scrub itself. Maybe sugar? 

source: etudehouse.co.kr
Treatment also sounds pretty self explanatory. I'd assume it's best to use it after the scrub. 

I almost picked up a blusher. I may go back and get one. These aren't really colors I see myself using. 

Source: etudehouse.co.
Shade 2 is nice, I just tend to wear brighter pinks than that. 

Another cushion was released, though from what I can tell there isn't much special bout it. My Korean is terrible so there may be something special about it. 

Source: Etudehouse.co.kr

This hasn't popped up on the worldwide site, just on the Korean site. 

A small selection of body care items were released as well. Body Scrub and Wash and Soft Milk are available on the international website. 

source: etudehouse.co.kr
Source: etudehouse.co.kr

 To go with it there is this really cute bath sponge. The only reason I didn't get it is because I hate sponges. They are breeding grounds for bacteria.
Source: etudehouse.co.kr
Other than that, isn't it just damn cute? Even my mother fell in love with it. 

And think about it - if you use the strawberry scrub with the sponge it's like having strawberry jam and toast!

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't have the perfume on the worldwide site. 

Source: etudehouse.co.kr
I collect perfume. I hope they bring this to the worldwide site so that I can get some to add to my collection. 

The top notes are strawberry, raspberry and orange sweet. Heart notes are peach, jasmine, and muguet flower. Base notes are musk and sandalwood.

I prefer perfumes with a musk to them, so I was pleased to see that it was one of the base notes. 

The last bit of the collection is nail stickers. 

In a way I'm kicking myself for not getting these. At the same time, it doesn't bother me so much because I always screw up nail stickers. I have a ton of the in my nail bag, I just screw up application somehow, or it peels off not long after I apply. Even with a top coat. 

I suppose if you aren't very hard on your nails, it wouldn't be so bad ^^

Strawberries are my favorite treat, so I'm over the moon that I can incorporate it into my makeup, too! Maybe, if they don't sell out before I get the chance, I'll get the rest of the collection. 

My boyfriend got a lot more than expected back on his tax return and he promised to spoil me because he didn't do anything for me for Christmas. I have already picked out a set from Missha (wrinkle care - I'm starting to see crow's feet wah!) and a lippie from Tatcha. I spoil him by being a good housewife, he spoils me by helping me stay purdy ^^

Did you get anything from this collection? 

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