28 April 2016

Update: My Rebelling Body

My body has been rebelling like crazy. It makes me wonder why all of my systems can't all just work together in peaceful harmony so I can live life like a regular human being. 


I would like to be able to go do things again without getting sick. 

But my body is more like the cute little Old El Paso girl: 

Just subtract the celebration.

I've had this terrible toothache for weeks now. The tooth is abscessed and I've done my best to care for it like I know how, because this isn't my first time having an abscessed tooth. At this point, since my teeth are genetically weak, it's nothing new. 

Enter a bone spur on the other side opposite the aching tooth. 

That little fucker, the size of a grain of sand, coming out through my gums from a ten year old extraction made life hell all over for a good month. 

I did lose ten pounds, so I can't be too pissed. 

It also made me have to beg my uncle for opiates because I don't have dental insurance. I have damn good health coverage, just nothing for my chompers. 

So I have an abscess that I can do nothing about other than pray that it doesn't get any worse because I don't have $3000 to pay for a root canal and crown. 

Don't let anyone lie to you - being a full time blogger doesn't come with a ton of money. 

On a good note, bf got his license!

After ten years of not having it, he's finally got it and now he's driving everywhere. He fixed my car that I'm not driving and now he's back on the road and everything is great. He's finding the silliest reasons to hop into the car and just go. I don't blame him. I remember doing the same thing when I turned 16, and again after not driving for almost two months after I broke my ankle.

I've been a bit better with my anxiety, so I decided that I was going to go on a ride with him. This is a week after I went with my mother to the Dollar Tree and spent like $50 in canned food because I went in when I was hungry. (Yes, I ate every damn bit of it except for the mackerel fillets in mustard sauce, because I don't dig mustard, but I'll probably eat them anyway so I don't waste.)

Anyway, we end up going across town (I haven't been to that side of town in like a year) so we can drop his son off at work and the go to the supermarket across the street because they have the best prices for meat in town. If you have a Bravo in your city, get your meats there rather than Walmart. Prices and quality are better, just skip veggies and canned goods because their veg isn't very fresh and their canned goods are extremely overpriced. 

We get back onto the highway and are at the light to turn to the supermarket when I get all fuzzy, everything goes numb, and then I'm sick. Everywhere. Totally ruined my super cute outfit. 

I'm grateful for two things in this situation:

1. I always care a spare set of clothing in my bag, as well as everything I'd need to clean myself up. As a spoonie, you can never be too prepared for the worst case scenario. And this was a worst case scenario. 

2. My Granny lives in the neighborhood behind the supermarket. 

We bypass the market and go to Granny's. 

I get out of the car, covered in sick (blech) and go to the door. Her car is parked outside so she's got to be there, right?

I ring the doorbell. Repeatedly. 


Call. (I can hear the phone ringing inside)

I start to panic because she's in her 90's.

Then I thought about it.

She's not fucking home.

She's not fucking home.

She's not fucking home.

Luck was on my side again because she has a little privacy fence area in her back yard separating her yard from the other two that are next to it (her lot is massive). 

With bf on the lookout for the nosy little eight year old that lives in the next house over, I proceed to get totally starkers and start cleaning myself up as best I can with a handful of baby wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer. 

I was just finishing up as she and my aunt are walking up, bf is taking my bag of sick clothes back out on the other side of the house where they don't see him. 

My aunt and grandmother didn't suspect a thing. If they did, they were really cool about not letting on about it. The last thing I'd need to make the mortification complete is my Granny and aunt lecturing me about something that I have absolutely no control over. 

I ended up staying with my Granny while bf went and did his shopping. I haven't been to my Granny's house in over a year so it was a nice visit. She taught me how she managed to get her orchids looking so lovely compared to my poor sad orchid that has stopped blooming. The secret? Don't fucking touch them. Spritz with water rather than pouring it into the pot. Don't fucking touch them. 

On the way home I was golden. Beyond golden.

We even stopped by the restaurant that bf works at. It worked out, I was able to go get sick in the bathroom really quick while he looked at something that the supposed night manager of the kitchen fucked up - an error that not even the newbies would have made. 

I just couldn't believe that, after over a year and a half of not getting extremely sick in the car, I ruined it in one fell swoop. 

On the plus side, I have some new things that I cannot wait to share with you once I'm feeling better. 

I managed to snag most of the goodies from the new Etude House Cherry Blossom collection, as well as the hand sanitizers from the Hello Perfume set. I've also been addicted to the app Wish. I think I've mastered the sizing (Chinese XL does not equal US XL, btw) so I am going to do a post with all of the new outfits I've manged to get in the correct sizes. The rest went to my boyfriend's daughter (who is taller than me and super thin and it makes me hate life - she's 13 and taller than me!). 

My sister is also moving down to the Keys at the beginning of summer. Who will I have to get into wild shenanigans with now? *cries*

What's new with you? Talk to me!

Love yer faces!

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