07 May 2016

Latest Etude House Haul and Impressions

I can't believe I forgot to share my latest haul with you! 

It wasn't the biggest haul in the world, just a lot of odds and ends that I wanted to add to my order to get free shipping (it's so expensive to ship from Korea to the US!) because I was hell bent on getting the new Pink Cherry Blossom collection. I missed out on the perfume (wah!) but I did manage to get the set that had the body spray and lotion in addition to the Play 101 pencils. 

This is the set together. 

The scent is so lovely. It's definitely cherry blossom yet so much sweeter than the usual cherry blossom lotions and sprays I've gotten here in the US. 

I won't lie, if you use too much it will be overpowering. Maybe two sprays of the body spray will do the trick, and a very little amount of lotion will make your hands soft and give a light scent that lasts. 

These pencils have got to be some of the best I've ever used. You can actually do your entire face with just this set of pencils! It seriously cuts down on the time it takes on doing my makeup and cuts down on the space that it would take up on my makeup table. Given that I use a lot of different products that generally come in bulky packaging it felt rather novel. Is this what it felt like the first time the mascara wand was introduced to replace that scary mini-toothbrush looking applicator? 

What makes this set different is the fact that the last pencil in that box is glossy. Unlike the other pencils that are more matte in texture, Pink Bonbon has a lighter gloss to it that gives it a lovely sheen when you apply it to your lips. It's offers a light gloss that isn't sticky so you can still apply it to your cheeks and reap the benefits of the shine without feeling like you're walking around with lip gloss on your cheeks. 

These are my swatches, in the same order as you see in the box above (4, 62, 41, 49. Pink Bonbon).

No 4. doesn't have the same boldness as their teardrop liners, which I adore, but it's nice. It's more subtle instead of looking like painted on sparkle. 

What impressed me the most is how smooth they are. They go on incredibly smooth and blend like nobody's business. 

Each line was just one swipe, except Pink Bonbon (it needed two).

The only thing that scares me about that is it makes me feel like I'm using more product than I probably am. They go on so smooth it makes me feel like I'm going to run out very quickly, like I'm using a ton of product rather than just the little I actually am, and I'm not sure if all of these will be added permanently to the Play 101 collection, particularly Pink Bonbon. The others I can surely find dupes of, and I have the liquid teardrop liner to replace No. 4 after it's gone. Pink Bonbon is the perfect pink for my face. It's taken me forever to find the perfect shade and now that I have I never want it to go away!

The picture doesn't do these colors justice at all. No. 41 is just this ugly brown in the picture, like baby poop brown, but seeing it with your own eyes it's more of a fawn color. 

All of the pencils have shimmer except for Pink Bonbon.

This is my full face with the pencils. 

I didn't use my Etude cushion, but my Too Cool For School multibox for foundation and concealer. The rest is all the pencils, including lips. I suggest putting a gloss or a small layer of tint over top of the pencil on your lips so they don't dry out. 

I used 62 as a base for my eyes, followed by 41 to define my crease, which I blended out so it did't look so harsh. I did go back and lightly defined the shape so it wasn't so messy.

I used No. 49 as my main eyeliner, keeping it as close to the lash line as possible. Think reverse tight lining, working the color in between my lashes. I did go back and smudge it up a little to make it look more like I lined my eyes with eyeshadow and to soften up the entire look. This collection, I feel, isn't supposed to have a harsh look to it. It's spring so it's supposed to be light and airy. To finish my eyes I used the Strawberry Choco Fondue Curl Fix mascara from the Berry Delicious collection. Since it's a reddish brown, it also goes with the softer look of spring. 

Finally I used Pink Bonbon on lips and cheeks. It doesn't look very bold on my cheeks, but you can always build it up to desired opacity. I think I used maybe three stripes on each side and just blended it out to my hairline and a little more toward my nose for as natural of a look as I could possibly get. 

The makeup bag is really nice. Unlike a lot of glitter bags I've owned in the past, this has a plastic layer that covers the glitter so you don't end up looking like a walking disco ball. You can't hold very much in it, just the essentials for touch ups, which is great. It prevents me from carrying way too many products with me while I'm on the go. 

To give you an idea on size, the pencils that came with the set are a little tough to get into it all together. If you put too much in the zipper will bulge making it impossible to close. 

I needed a new cleansing foam, so I decided to give this one a try. I love how moisturized my skin feels after using it. The texture is very thick when it comes out of the tube, almost gel like and sticky. Think of the thick moisturizers that leave little strings when you pull it apart. Very sticky. 

Even though it starts out like that, add a little water and it quickly turns into a great foam that feels really nice on your face. Some cleansers make my skin tingle, this doesn't thank goodness. I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling. 

What I love about this is the fact that it's very gentle. Some cleansers that you get can set the pH of your skin off so so bad by stripping it of natural oils and making your poor skin a total wreck that you've got to go add a ton of other products on to correct. 

This cleanser has 8.9% baobab water and 22% plant based moisture. 

After one use I could tell a difference in my skin. It felt moderately smoother and it wasn't near as red around my nose as is usual with my regular cleansers. It's so gentle I think I found my ultimate holy grail cleanser. I totally recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin! 

They have other products in this line that I'm dying to try. Maybe next haul!

With summer coming around, Etude had a great sale on sun products. They had this one and several others on sale buy one get one half off and I couldn't resist. It's how I got my sunprise products last year!

This is a sunmilk rather than a cream, which is great for people with oily skin. What's beautiful about it is it's a mineral base so when you get it on it leaves a powdery finish, much like my innisfree that got me through last summer. 

I've used it several times already and can definitely see that it works great. Combined with my other makeup steps that all have SPF and my lovely floppy sun hat, my skin is going to stay nice and fair all summer long ^^

Tip: If you don't know, you have to shake this stuff first or you'll end up pouring the strangest combo of fluid and funk into your hand. Shake it, then use. Vonnie is just terrible at reading directions. 

This eye cream was an impulse purchase, since I generally use the more heavy duty eye creams that I've collected over the least year, but this one had something that the others don't - a cooling effect. I don't generally use cooling products because my skin is slightly sensitive to anything with menthol in it. I can't even use Burt's Bees because of the menthol. Sets my lips on absolute fire! 

On the other hand I quite enjoyed using this. It was soothing rather than burning.  It is a great balm stick that you just swipe on and then pat in. It's great for reducing puffiness around the eyes. It's non-greasy which is a total perk. 

The only downside to this is the price. It was $10.40 for that little stick, which doesn't seem like will last very long if I use it consistently. Because of the cooling effects I think this is going to be another summer survival favorite, especially after I've been working outside. 

Another deal they had going was on these hand sanitizers. Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with hand sanitiers and killing germs, because germs suck and I have a crappy immune system. 

There were five total in the set, plus a little rubber piece that is used as a holder. I ended up giving two to my bf's daughter so she can have sanitizer at school with her because ewwww germs. Germ riddled children. 

As their name suggests, they are heavily perfumed. The scent will hang around for a long time after you've used a little drop. 

The other scents that came in the set were French Bouquet, which is heavenly btw, and Sugar Bomb which smelled like candy. Orange Peel smells just like orange zest, Bubble Bubble smells like a bubble bath my mom got me as a kid, and Picnic Soda smells green. It's almost like fresh grass, cilantro, mint...if it's a green plant, it's probably in there.

I managed to get my hands on these when they were on sale for just over $10, but now the set with the ring is $22. For me, living in the US where I have to have these shipped in, I'll definitely say don't waste your money unless they are on sale, go to Bath and Body Works where they have beautifully scented hand sanitizers in mini bottles on sale 3/$5 almost all the time. You'll make out like a bandit and the scent selection is much vaster. (I love you, Etude, but this is expensive even for me.)

After forever of not having it, they finally got the Curl Fix mascara remover back in stock!!

I have had so much trouble getting off the Curl Fix mascara since I started using it. Sometimes I'll be forced to leave it on because I simply cannot get it off. Nothing I've used works. 


This is made specifically for that mascara. It's a combination of oils and extracts that melt the mascara away. As you can see, on the pad, it got all of it off with no scrubbing. All you have to do is get the pad wet with product, sit it on your eye for 15 seconds, and wipe away. 

Do not get this into your eyes. It doesn't hurt, it just makes everything super blurry for a little while after. Not as bad as when I got DHC cleansing oil in my eyes and I was blurry for an hour or so even after I repeatedly rinsed my peepers. This wasn't near as long and didn't sting like the DHC oil. 

 This runs just over $6 a bottle, which is great for what it manages to do. I've paid more for other eye makeup removers from the drugstore that didn't do anything other than make a mess. This remover is worth the money and then some. 

Of course I found more new products when I went back to the Etude site to get prices on a couple of the products mentioned in this post, so stay tuned for another haul of nail products soon! I just saw they released a collection called Handmade Jam and I'm in love. Also gonna give the Twin Shot lip color a chance. 

See you next time!

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