11 May 2016

New Etude Play Nail: Hand Made Jam

I swear, every time I go onto their site, they have something new that makes me want to buy it!

This time Etude House released more nail colors, which are totally my speed. I've discovered that their nail colors last a fairly long time for me. They are a low price but the quality doesn't waver. 

This new set is called Hand Made Jam. 

This collection seems to be a decent combo of both pastels that make me think of tea time and richer colors that make me think of fall (that was when we ate the preserves we made in the summer!). 

Under the cut are the images of the collection from the Korean website. 

Source: Etudehouse.co.kr

Source: Etudehouse.co.kr 

I noticed them on the global site a few days ago and ordered I wanna say six out of the ten colors. 

Go figure the next day they release the new lipstick line AND a new eyeshadow palette! Every time I make a big order they release something new the very next day. It's horrible because now I'm going to have to wait a few months before I do another order so my credit card doesn't burst into flames from using it too much. *sigh*

Are you going to get any of these Jam colors? 

Which colors do you like best? 

Don't forget to tell me in the comment box below. 

See you soon!

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