28 June 2016

June in Pictures

I'ts already almost July and I'm still sitting here wondering where most of the summer has gone. 

Where has the year gone?? 

I've been a total blog slacker lately, mostly because I've been microblogging on Instagram! If you don't follow me there you should ^^ I'm currently doing a series where I'm working through my samples stash and doing mini-reviews. Who knows, maybe you'll see something you like? 

Since I've become a bit of a camera whore, I wanna try something a little different and share my month in pictures!

For those of you who don't live in the American South or Florida, we are in the middle of rainy season. Every afternoon, like clockwork, we will get a thunderstorm. 

Right on time, June came and so did the heavy storms. Sherman, Blas, and I hung out on the front porch for some of the rain. 

Sherman's big noggin

Beware of vicious pibble. He gives insane kisses!
Tricia was here, totally knocked out with bitch cat. 

Tricia and Deeohgee sleeping through the storm. She'll probably kill me
when she sees this.

After the storm, Autumn hunts. 

A couple of days later, I spent some quality time with my nephew. I was feeling the beginnings of a migraine, and for some reason he thought holding my head would make me better. 
I can't believe he's already 11!

He's growing too fast!

On the 10th I finally got around to taking a picture of this wonderful cushion I'd been testing. The box is so shiny my inner raven and holosexual kept looking at it and cooing like a weirdie.

This April Skin cushion is amazing!

The next week brought some terrible things. 

First, I got sick. 

The day after I spent time with my nephew and nieces I got horribly sick with what I thought was bronchitis but turned out to be just one monster asthma attack. So off to the hospital I went.

I was there for less than two hours, but I left breathing better than I have in a long time.

This also was my major decision to quit smoking.

Other terrible things happened that Sunday.

As a Floridian and an LGBT ally, this hit so hard. How many more shootings do we have to have before we have stricter gun control? How many more innocent people have to die? 

The next morning I got my meds and ended up being even more outraged at the state of our nation. 


This inhaler, without insurance, would have been 385.83. How is that even ok? What if I didn't have insurance? Would that mean I was just going to have to suck it up and end up potentially dying? 

I am all about free market, but when it comes to something like the healthcare of their people, I am all about a more socialized approach. There is no reason someone should go without something as vital as healthcare. There's my rant of the day, let's move on.

Antibiotics and prednisone. For those of you who haven't been initiated into the steroid brotherhood, these things are nasty as hell. They taste terrible and they screw up your skin, but I could breathe so I just pampered my skin more than normal to keep it under control. 

Oh, did I mention that I quit smoking? Because I'm currently in my second or third week of being completely smoke free and it's the greatest. I can smell again, I can taste again! It really does make a difference, those anti-smoking ads aren't complete liars. 

Moving on!

Since I quit smoking, I started to find things to do with my hands to keep them busy. That was my strategy, busy hands mean I can't smoke. 

I don't know how many holosexuals there are out there reading my blog, but I decided to try Polish Mountain. (If you're curious, Cristine from Simply Nailogical uploaded the video on youtube and from there it spread - check the polish mountain hashtag on insta, it's insanity!)

This is my polish basket: 

Mah collection of nail 

And this is my failed Polish Mountain.

I'd made it to almost 100 coats of that foolishness before I bumped it and fucked it up. SO I scraped it off and smeared it on a piece of paper. It was crazy satisfying. 

BTW, that many colors mixed together turned into a strange shade of brown.

 If you don't follow me on Instgram (you totally should), then you missed my mini-review of this absolutely amazing cushion from April Skin that I got courtesy of 0.8L USA. I'm not going to go over all of that again, just know it's a great cushion that is extremely hygienic as far as cushions go, and if you like super chok chok skin and light to medium coverage then this is for you. Read my full review on Instagram.


We rescued these little guys from a thunderstorm and potentially drowning last month and they've grown so big! 

We are looking for furever homes for them, they just need a little more time before they are ready. Or I need more kitten time. All I know is they are fun now but I cannot have a total of seven cats in my room. It's just not healthy.

This month I totally mastered the boiled egg. 

I had a tendency to overcook them. I found a method that works, then remembered I had this cool egg timer that I picked up on Wish months ago. It works very well. Just from regular timing alone I knew they'd be well done and the timer just confirmed for me ^^

Thanks to 0.8L USA I got to test my first ampoules! I went for these because I wanted to try the oil-drop (BMO bottle) and I am a huge sucker for Adventure Time. Mini-review on Instagram, will post a longer one here when I've used them for more than a week.

I took a ton of pictures of this little floofer. Her name is Princess Savage (I didn't do that - one of my boys did) and she's become my kitten bff. 

She loves to snuggle and purrs super loud. I don't want to get rid of her but I have no more space for another kitty T_T

And to wrap up this post, we have some skincare. 

If you've ever doubted that the CosRx acne patches, they work. This is proof of that. 

I had this terrible zit next to my eye that even my pink powder couldn't get rid of, so I patched it. About twelve hours later I pulled it off and my zit was gone for the most part. All that was left was a little red spot which was easily covered up with some concealer. Not too shabby, especially because it's acne associated with Shark Week. 

Now that June's almost over, bring on July! It makes it one more month closer to October and The Walking Dead. Who the hell did Negan kill??? I've been staying away from Tumblr so I wouldn't get hit with spoilers. I still think it's Glenn because I'm a comic purist, but it could also be Abraham or Eugene. Best not be Daryl. Him and Carol haven't wrapped up their story. 

See ya later!

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  1. Great photos! Love the ones of the kittens and dog <3

    xo Azu


    1. Thanks! They are some of my favorite subjects for pictures, the dogs especially!


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