26 July 2016

Review: 1004 Laboratory 100% From Nature Acai Berry 90 Protecting Ampoule

Before I discovered Korean skincare, ampoules and essences were a complete mystery to me. 

Thanks to the company 0.8L, I've had the opportunity to try several different ampoules, all of which I have reviewed on my Insta. For those who don't follow me there, I've decided to share the reviews here as well, and expand on them a bit since we only get a week of testing before we have to review for 0.8L. 

This beautiful ampoule is the 1004 Laboratory Acai Berry 90 Protecting Ampoule. 

24 July 2016

Pokemon Go Pic Dump

My bf and I have been playing the hell out of Pokemon Go, and I love to snap pics as Pokemon pop up so now I have a buttload of pictures to share :D

More pics under the cut!

19 July 2016

Week In Pictures, July 3-10 2016

I really like documenting things with pictures, so I'm going to start posting my week in pictures!

I didn't do much of anything for Instagram reviews this week because it's been an oddly busy week.

I did manage to get a review of this Camu-Camu White Day Milk from DHC done. Not a fan.


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