24 July 2016

Pokemon Go Pic Dump

My bf and I have been playing the hell out of Pokemon Go, and I love to snap pics as Pokemon pop up so now I have a buttload of pictures to share :D

More pics under the cut!

Right outside my front steps.

Evee, get off of my pillow!

Medals make me want to walk more!

My neighborhood is generally FULL of Ratatta...

Sometimes I see different things. 

I was watching a video about Pokemon when he popped up xD

Then this one when I was watching Wengie!

Random finds in my neighborhood.

The Belcher family is judging you, Nidoran. 

See that crap? This is what happens when you live in a rural area. Nothing but rats and birds with occasional cool things. 

This was taken when I was at my shrink's office. It's between our library and our theatre, yet I wasn't close enough to get either stop while I was in the waiting room. You bet your ass I walked over to both places when I was done with my appointment. 

First encounter with a Golbat as I walked around my neighborhood. 

Ivysaur judging my messy ass dresser. 

I don't know why, but this struck me funny xD

Pincir, what the eff are you doing???

It took so many balls to catch this guy. 

Do you Pokemon Go? I wanna see your silly and neato pictures as you adventure!

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