19 July 2016

Week In Pictures, July 3-10 2016

I really like documenting things with pictures, so I'm going to start posting my week in pictures!

I didn't do much of anything for Instagram reviews this week because it's been an oddly busy week.

I did manage to get a review of this Camu-Camu White Day Milk from DHC done. Not a fan.

Then I fried some chicken because my kid wanted it. It was pretty delicious.

My luck winning things has been pretty on point lately - I won some blue cream from Klairs! I cannot wait to get it and try it. 

I decided I want to visit this place. I found it in a list of weird things in every state. Florida has a lot weirder things than this school, much more sinister places, so I don't see why this one made the list and some of the other scary places, like abandoned asylums, didn't make the list. 

I hit 420 followers on Instagram! Yay! 

I didn't post a full review of this baby, but this soap is amazing. It's very gentle, yet strong enough to clear up your acne. If you've got sensitive skin and acne, I totally recommend this soap. Isn't their sample size just the cutest? It's about the size of a silver dollar!

Got into a mild twitter fight with a Donald Trump supporter and right afterward had my twitter compromised. It's fixed, btw. I did come to this conclusion - anyone that doesn't like Donald and his racist and misogynistic rhetoric is automatically stupid and deserves to be called such. Got called a lot of things when I didn't come after this chick in the first place. Whatever. Found the picture below and it sums up what I learned in that short interaction. 

Their opinion, not mine.

Had some killer luck in TWD Card Trader. These perfect lines make me feel nice. Then the Beth cards fucked up the continuity. 

Pokemon Go!

Are you all playing, too? It's gotten me up and exploring my neighborhood. I'm already losing weight and it's only been three or four days!

Here are some pictures of my adventures with Pokemon.

What are you doing in my room?

My neighbors must thing I'm insane stopping at random places and screaming at my phone.

I'm sorry, I'm just trying to be the very best!

First shot I got of Blas while we were hunting. He had no idea why I kept telling him to move into the frame. 

Did you see the video Buzzfeed and Ballpark Franks did around Independence day? 

Well, I made the cornbread chili dogs and it was soooo yummy. What do you think? Does this look like a pinterest fail? 

I caught my first Bulbasaur!

This is Princess Savage. She sleeps in weird positions. 

I evolved my very first pokemon! 

There are so many Rattata in my neighborhood that I easily accumulated enough stardust and candy to make Raticate.

After two months of playing and hoarding, I made a purple card in TWD Card Trader. It had to be Carol, because Melissa McBride is my favorite. So talented. Now give the woman a damn Emmy, she's earned it a million times over with her performance as Carol Peletier. Also, give Carol a beak. Some love and a foot rub, maybe some wine. #NoMoreSadCarol2016 - trend that ish!

More adventuring. 

I didn't even bother trying to get him to pose. He was too sucked into getting his own catches. 

Look who came over to hang out! Found this DoDuo right outside of my back gate as we were coming in from our first walk of the day.

On the way back from my aunt's house we decided to try to be friendly with this rattata. He wasn't having it. 

Right after I took this picture, I spilled the product all over my desk. It's the Holika Holika Miracle Seed Essence. It's got a lovely smell and does a great job with adding moisture. At least that's the impression I got before I spilled it.

Also realized I was down to my last four (now three) sheet masks! I need to restock. 

Meet the sunblock that's getting me through all of this Pokemon hunting. 

It's the strongest SPF I have right now and I'm still turning a little red while I'm out and about. Time to use a sunhat! 

I love the Etude House sunscreens and this one is no different. Leaves my face feeling so soft. 

And this is late as hell, but that's my week in pictures from the 3rd to the 10th!

How have you been?

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