13 November 2016

Easy Dinner: Veal Parm

Other than skincare and makeup, cooking is one of my absolute favorite past times.

My mother always jokes that I can take a handful of random ingredients and make a fantastic dinner that she would have never in a million years thought of making. I think it comes from necessity - I hate waste, so it's not unusual for me to combine leftovers and make something entirely new.

Yesterday I was given a package of veal cutlets and had absolutely no freakin idea of what I was going to make. I've never even eaten veal!

Twenty minutes of google-fu and I found something that sounded good - veal parm.

I was surprised at how easy the recipe was!

It's actually a little different from how it's traditionally made, since I didn't put it into the oven to melt the cheese. I did everything right in one pan so there was very little clean up.

As always, I did things my own way and just used the recipe as a guide. 


  • veal cutlets
  • 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs, seasoned to taste
  • 1 jar marinara or spaghetti sauce
  • 1 tin of diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning
  • mozzarella cheese, sliced or shredded
  • Parmesan cheese, grated
  • Olive oil - about 3 tbsp

First, you need to put your veal between a couple of sheets of wax paper and hit it with a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin until it's about 1/4 inch thick. The cut of meat is already super tender and succulent, this helps it to be even more tender. 

Combine spaghetti sauce and tinned tomatoes in a bowl or pot and set aside. You'll need this later so having it already ready to go saves some time. 

Heat your pan to medium heat, add olive oil so your food doesn't stick. I didn't measure, so I'm assuming it was about three tablespoons. (Honestly - when cooking who measures how much oil they add?)

While your pan is heating, bread the veal. I had my bread crumbs in a small Rubermaid bowl and shook it around a bit to cover the meat sufficiently. You can do egg wash (1 egg, 2tbsp water) to make the breadcrumbs stick, I forgot to do it last night so my breading didn't stick very well.

Place the breaded cutlets in the pan. Cook roughly three to five minutes each side. Your breading will start to crisp and turn golden, it's a fairly decent indicator. Since the meat is very thin it won't take long to cook at all.

Once you're confident that the meat is done, add the sauce/tomatoes on top of the meat and then top it with mozzarella (how much is entirely up to you) and then pop a lid on the pan and let cook for another two to four minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

Now all that's left is plating and adding grated parm to the top to taste. My boyfriend added a ton because we are big cheese fans in this house.

Quick and easy Italian in less than an hour! I'd say it took me 45 minutes from start to finish, and this was all of the prep and cooking pasta as well to serve as a side dish. I used the rest of the sauce/tomato mix on the pasta. I used egg noodles since it's what I had on hand, but any kind of pasta will do.

When it came time to serve, I cut the cutlets in half and managed to feed a total of five people with just the three. With the addition of pasta as a side dish it was a really filling meal.

It did feel a little unbalanced without a veggie on the side, so maybe some fresh green beans or asparagus wouldn't be unwelcome.

The quantities I listed are what it took for the three cutlets. If you serve more you'll need more, of course. The half a cup of bread crumbs was actually too much just for the three so it could be used for more than that I imagine.

This is definitely a recipe that I will be making again!

With the holidays coming up, be on the lookout for more recipes and Vonnie's adventures in the kitchen. One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food - this year I'm going all out trying new things.

If you try this, let me know how yours came out!

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  1. This looks so yummy ♥ Thank you for the recept!

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