10 November 2016

I'm Still With Her

I am so sickened and saddened by the results of the election.

If you don't wish to read more about the election and my feelings on it, I've put it under a cut.

As a woman, I worry for what is going to happen as women's rights are going to be thrown back to God knows when. I don't see how it's a man's place to put himself in charge of my reproductive system. 

As a step parent of children who are half Mexican, I worry about what my children are going to see or the abuse that they may face. My step-daughter has already witnessed a white woman telling a Mexican woman to go back to Mexico before she slits her throat. She's 14 years old, there is no reason that she has to bear witness or be subjected to someone telling her this because she's Latina.

As an LGBTQ ally, I worry about the welfare of my friends that are already treated like second class citizens half of the time because of who they love. What will happen to the marriages? What will happen to the children that have been adopted by same sex couples? Will they be snatched away from them and given to a more "suitable" family? There have already been countless reports of violence against gay men and women since the results of the election have been announced.

As a person with Palestinian heritage, I worry for the Muslim communities here in the US, for the horrific treatment that I am sure that they will be facing even more of. I've already seen more reports than I can count of Muslim women and men being attacked just because of their religion. 

I worry for anyone who is an immigrant, even if they are here legally, because apparently Trump supporters don't seem to care if you are here legally.

I've shared a lot of stories of these attacks on my twitter, which you can see in the column on the right. 

There was a video that popped up with middle school students chanting about building the wall. What kind of parent teaches their child to hate that much? 

I am proud of those who are protesting, for not just accepting the results.

A lot of people, including my mother, seem to think it's ridiculous, but you don't start a revolution without making some waves.

I voted for Hillary on Tuesday, and I am still with her and anyone else who gives a damn about the rights of humans of all races and religion and sexuality and gender.

I will never lay down and let the rights of another be taken by some xenophobic sexist bigot. I will not stand by and watch others be abused because people think that it is now ok to completely throw out the rules of human decency and be an epic asshole to someone just because they are different.

I have had people tell me that I should give Trump a chance. Well, trust has to be earned, it's not given. Right now I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. I know I will be losing my health care thanks to him and his entirely Republican run administration. I may lose that, but I will not lose who I am. I will not let my step-daughter lose who she is because this president-elect's devotees thinks she is a second class citizen because she's Latina.

This is not the kind of world that I want my children to grow up in, and I will fight to make sure that they are treated with the same respect as any other person who lives in this nation. I will not pack up and leave, I will take a stand. 

This is the importance of why people need to get out and vote, and not waste their votes by writing in Harambe or Jesus Christ. The primaries are coming up in 2018, so if you live in the US make sure you make your voice heard. It is going to be a long four years but we can make it. Don't let anyone hold you down. Love trumps hate.

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