14 November 2016

Lost Posts: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

(This is yet another "lost post" that has been sitting in my drafts for a very long time. I did have to retake some pictures since the product pictures were taken on my old burner phone and looked horrifying.)

Of all of the things I got from my Etude House haul last week, I am the most in love with the Surprise Essence concealer. 

As far as concealers it seems pretty run of the mill packaging wise. It's typical Etude pink, which I'm ok with since it's my favorite color. 

I like the shape of the applicator, which is different from other tubed concealers I've used. I've seen some that come with something that looks like they had leftover liquid lipstick containers and re-purposed them. 

The small tip makes it easy to add dots and dabs in delicate places. It offers a lot of control. 

Now onto the good stuff - the results: 

My main problem areas are acne and dark eye bags. I could have a million years of sleep and I'd wake up with them. 

These are the bane of my makeup existence. With just foundation alone, they cannot be completely covered. 

The image below is no makeup, just a touch of primer in my trouble spots. The rest is all my bare face, no filter.

Clock them bags!

As you can see, I have the bags, some acne, and a bit of redness to tackle.

So this is the concealer on the left and nothing on the right. This is just one application and basic blending with the sponge from my BB cushion.

And now both. I did have to build a little to get this final look of no circles. This is just the concealer, no other makeup added to it yet. It's that powerful to get the job done. 

I was completely blown away by not only how easy this product is to use, but also how well it worked. I  have never been the master of concealer. It would end up being too thick and cakey, or it wouldn't work at all. 

This takes just a few little dots, some blending with your finger or a sponge, and it's done.  

This is full face. I've used the concealer on my circles and a few of my more terrible zits. 

These are also great at covering scars. I had a scar from an IV (student nurse, bless their poor heart) and I tested it on that and it covered it no problem. I suppose this means if you have any random scars you want to cover you could easily use this product to do that .

Looking back on this now, around a year later, I think that it's been discontinued! I love this stuff so much I'm so sad! I cannot find it on the Etude House website so I think I may have to find another holy grail. Good thing I stocked up when I found it on sale!

What's your favorite concealer? I think I may have to find a new one as soon as I run out of this ☹

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